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Davedís In The House

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Robben Connection

Joined: 08 Aug 2003
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Location: Terra Firma, Ether Sea

PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:35 pm    Post subject: Davedís In The House Reply with quote

Oooooohh... I am the spirit of Robben past! 🤣 LOL
Yep, itís me. Been awhile , hasnít it?

I was browsing and checked Robbenís site and was pleasantly surprised to see that the DavedZone still existed and that it appears to still be active.

So thought Iíd update for the old-timers around here.
Looks like my last missive was 6 years ago in 2012, when I was still Gregg Allmanís tech.
Many great years, venues, musicians, and experiences rolled by. Iím writing a book.
Seriously, I AM writing a book. 🙂

So, after the Allman Bros Bandís final encore at their epic oct 29, 2014 Farewell Performance at the Beacon Theater on Broadway in NYC, they held the house record for the most sold-out shows there of any other artist, at well over 250 shows.

Gregory focused on and continued with his solo group, GA & Friends.
I continued with him for another 6 months before deciding to, after 35 years, finally get off the road, buy a home, marry Kimberly, a beautiful lady I had known for 20 years, and formally retire.

I came out of retirement very briefly to help out Robert Cray for a couple of weeks while his tech was dealing with family issues in Europe.
I also did some work for the Portland and Seattle SIRís rebuilding their rental B3s and Leslies.
Eventually I discovered the repair departments at the local Guitar Centers and hired on at the closest one.
It lets me continue working with the stringed instruments Iíve always loved , while still being able to go home each night to the lady, family, and house that I also love.

For a time, I kind of slipped into the shadows of my new life, enjoying the comforts of family and home.
But, into each life some rain must fall.

Thru the last holiday season and into the first few months of this year my beautiful bride Kimberly succumbed the flu, putting her into a coma for 6 weeks and the hospital for two months, followed by a month of recovery here at home requiring me to take a leave of absence from work to care for her.
But it was worth it as she did recover and is doing much better these days. Yay!!!

However, it is now my turn.
My wife, concerned about major changes in my voice and dramatic weight loss, urged me to see my doctor.
Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer of the vocal chords.
Tests, scans, imagings, and consultations have moved fast.
In one week I will begin radiation treatments on my throat, five days a week for at least eight weeks, followed by a lengthy recovery.

I will need to take another leave of absence from Guitar Center.
As Kimberly cannot work, our main source of income will be put on hold till I recover.
Medical bills and expenses will be steep, not to mention the continued costs of everyday living ( mortgage, utilities, food, etc.) and without my income from work, we will be in serious trouble.

One of my coworkers at GC graciously started a GoFundMe account to try and help ease the stress of my situation.

Those that know me know that I really do hate to ask, but Iím hoping that some of you can help us out by finding and sharing it on your Facebook and social media networks.
It is not just a serious time of need for me, but also for my family.

Thanks for any support and assistance you can give.

All my best to you all.
Sincerely, Daved
B C-ing U!
( }:-Daved

"This boy's diseased with rhythm!" -Bing Crosby (Road To Rio, '49)
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Senior Member

Joined: 17 Jul 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Daved,

so good to hear from you, your contribution here has been priceless and entertaining.

So sorry to hear of your wife's illness and now your own. All I can do is wish you a full recovery, and as quickly as possible. My father has cancer, my sister and girlfriend recently too, and they are now in remission, so I know just how it affects everyone, let alone the individuals who are coping/fighting and fight is is just what you must continue to do!

On the note of spreading the word of the GoFundMe account, I presume you have you contacted Robben as his main presence is on Facebook nowadays? I also remember there was a time that I help sort out the use of a Fender Custom Reverb for Robben years ago when he toured the UK by recommending Simon Law (Matt Scolfield's Tech and owner of SVL Guitars). I don't know how well acquainted you are with him (or Matt), but I believe he and Matt both have a good presence on social media so it may be worth getting in contact with them.

Stay positive, strong, and try and keep that great sense of humour going. Get that book written because I will definetly buy a copy! My thoughts are with you. Take care.

All the best,

Music is the universal language; speak it with emotion, listen with a passion.
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