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Scott answers your questions - round 18 - 8/2/05

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StarShip Captain

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 3:14 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 18 - 8/2/05 Reply with quote

I have an Eric Dolphy CD that I would like to send to you. What is your fan correspondence address?

Thanks! You can send it to me at MI - 1655 McCadden Pl. Hollywood, CA 90028

Hey Scott
Do you like the old 25 watters that have been beaten on for a few years (70s-80s) or the reissues?

Me and Adam Stark did an A/B test between a vintage Greenback from the early 70's and one of my brand new ones. The old vintage speaker had a cool funky tone - really, really dark though. We liked the sound of the new one better, but that old speaker reminded me of some of the tones of Jimmy Page! It was too dark for me, but I still liked it. Now Celestion is making a new "hand built" version of the Greenback that I'll get to check out in a couple weeks - I'm looking forward to hearing it. you use Sperzel or any other kind of locking tuners on your guitar? You do A LOT of whammy work and I just wanted to know if you used them or not. If you don't use them is it because you don't like them for some reason??

I use locking Sperzels because I think they do help the guitar stay in tune better, but some people that they change the tone because they add weight to the headstock. I've never done an A/B test to see if that's true - I hope there's not a big difference because it's much faster to change stings with the Sperzels and my guitars stay in tune pretty well.

Hi Scott !! First of all thanks for composing and being who you are with your guitar, almost all my friends (too many) and i love the way you compose/play, you are such and inspiration for us to keep improving. I live in the Dominican Republic and i'm interested in organizing a Jazz Festival, can you send me your manager's phone ? and by the way, what do you think about the Godin LGXT guitar, have you played one?

Our agent Patrizio Chiozza's contact info is on my website at I've never been to the Dominican Republic - hope we can come. Sorry, I've never played a Godin guitar.

Hey there!

1) Could you give us some news on the Suhr noiseless system? Are there still problems? Please tell him we are waiting for those.

There's a post from me about it at the top of the page - it actually works!! Unbelievable!! I feel like I'm part of strat history - finally the beautiful, un-compromised tone of real single coils, and with no hum!

2) You said you checked out the Custom Audio 2x12 cab. Would you consider replacing your 4x12 if there wasn't the 2Greenbacks=only50watts problem?

The 2x12 records really nice, but for the stage there's nothing like a good ol' 4x12. Besides, I use a 100 watt head and the only speakers I like are Greenbacks - they'd blow up in a 2x12. I use my 2x12 with my 60 watt Fender head but only for gigs with drummers who play soft.

3) More Kenny G jokes, that one was hilarious! Btw. did you ever met him? Or is your sympathy for him pure musical? How about dedicating a special song to him on the next album.

I don't have any sympathy for him. I won't dedicate a song to him either, but the next time one of my dogs lays a big steamer on the sidewalk I'll dedicate that to him.

Thankfully I've never had the displeasure of meeting Kenny Gorelick, because I know it would be impossible for me to be polite to him, and no doubt I'd call him some disgusting name. He's made it quite clear to the world that, aside from being a less than mediocre musician, he's a clueless idiot as well, considering what he did to the memory of Louis Armstrong. I can't even imagine what kind of arrogance it takes for someone that lame to think himself worthy of playing with the father of jazz... yeah, when I listen to Band of Gypsys, I'm thinking... "hmmm... what this track needs is some Scott Henderson... I'll put Machine Gun on my next record and jam with Jimi..." What kind of fucking moron would do something like that - and what lowlife scumbag record company would allow it?? Who else but Kenny G and Arista Records! So that's why I don't like him... and also because his music is worse than what swirls around in toilet bowls.

Hey Scott,

On the title track on Face First, about 2:30 into the song there is an audible "beep". What's up with that? It's obviously there on purpose.

It's just one of Kinsey's synth noises - he's got a million of them. I'll tell him that you referred to his art as an "audible beep".

Do you have any thoughts on the Dumble, Fuchs, Two Rock type of amps. A lot of fusion guys are playing them and they are pretty versitile. Are they too compressed for you.

I've only played one Dumble amp - the one he made for Mike Landau. It sounded really great. I don't know the Fuchs amp - I think my friend Steve Snider brought one over a long time ago but I don't remember what it sounded like.

How much of your tone is post performance. I mean do EQ much to get your final tone.

[quote]If I'm layering guitar parts, yes I EQ some, but on my normal tone I try to get it right without having to EQ. [/quote}

What reverb/delay unit do you use in the studio??

That's up to the engineer - I know how many milliseconds I want the delay to be, and how I like the reverb to sound, but I count on the engineer to pick the right unit for the job. On Well To The Bone and the Live CD, Mike Landau was mainly using a Yamaha reverb for the guitar, and he had some nice analog delay but I forgot what he was using - it was a pedal.

Hello Scott. Just wondering, do you know Tommy Walker? I believe he was at MI when you were there? Is he a good player, in your expert opinion?

Sorry, I don't know him.

Another Question: Tommy and Michael Landau play Tyler Guitars. Any thoughts or opinions on this guitar brand?

I think they're really good - I like the sound of the one Mike plays.

Hi Scott, I'm David from Italy.. maybe you don't rememebr about me, but we met to the big mama blues club in Rome on this winter.. after your amazing show I give you my cd... I've tryed to contact you by the webmaster but without success... I wish to know if you had listen the record and what do you think about it...

Sorry David, I'm usually pretty good about getting back to people who give me CD's - I don't remember if I heard it or not.

what do you think about Marshall JCM 2000 dsl-100 on 1960a cab?

I've used those a couple times when I couldn't bring my own amp. I wasn't crazy about it but it did the job OK. I don't like the cabinet though, because the new Marshall cabs have a pressboard back and I think they sound weird. It might be OK for live, but when you mike it you can hear some pretty nasty frequencies. It's easy to fix though - just take the back to a cabinet maker and tell him to copy it, only using birch instead of pressboard. If you want it to really sound good, sell those 16ohm speakers and get 8 ohm Greenbacks, throw that silly ohm switch in the trash, wire it at 8 ohms and use 10 gauge wire instead of that television wire that Marshall uses - and you'll have a great sounding cabinet!

On the Melodic Phrasing Video you have this monster rack with all kinds of eye candy. Now you get all you need with the pedals?

I've got a bigger array of sounds now than I ever did with the rack, thanks to pedals combined with my small but pretty powerful multi-FX, the Boss SE-70.

What's in the top space of your new "small rack" with the blinking light?

The Black Cat Univibe.

If gigging with Tribal Tech and that beast of a drummer (Covington) would you need that big rack again? Thanks.

No, I'd go broke carting it around.

Hey Scott,
A friend told me today that Ted Greene passed over the weekend. Had you ever encountered him in your travels through the guitar universe? I know Chord Chemistry taught me the building of chords from scales concept so i'll forever be indebted to him for that alone. Anybody else have any thoughts?

Sad, sad news. Ted came to GIT occasionally and he was a great and inspiring player and teacher. I took a private lesson with him a couple years ago and it was incredible - it would take me years to study what I have on a one hour cassette. I remember after my lesson with Ted, I was walking to my car and looking up at his huge apartment building which looked so faceless among the countless other apartment buildings on the street, and I was thinking what an anonymous place for such a guru of that magnitude to live - he should be in a palace on top of a mountain. He was truly a music genius and a very generous teacher who'll be missed by all.

Hello, Scott .
I have some questions for you.

1.I think you've been using maxon OD9 lately, why you stop using TS9 silver? What is the difference between the two pedals?

To me the Maxon has a fuller and warmer tone than the TS9, even the modded one.

2.Have you try Fulltone's new overdrive pedal "OCD"? IF you had,
tell me what you thought, please.

I don't dislike it but it's little too sparkly for me - it's treble frequency is pretty high. It's a nice color for clean blues though, but the RC Booster is fatter sounding.

3. How often do you play with max volume of your guitar?

I try not to turn it up to 10. 9 sounds way better - 10 brings in a nasty, hairy, fuzzy sound. To me 9 sounds clearer. Jeff Beck says this too, and he knows more about tone than me.

4. Do you have any plan to visit Japan in the future? I am looking forward
to see your great playing in Japan!

I'll probably be going there in December to do some workshops at MI Japan.

- i have a mesa boogie dc-5 combo, alesis quadraverb rack for effect and morley volume-wha-fuzz pedal....i conect the guitar to preamp of the mesa-boogie (because i want use the distortion channel of the mesa) but if i join the effect rack and volume pedal to send and return the processed signal is mixed to the ampli "dry" signal.....i have the send and return in parallel with normalal "dry" results in 2 signals...the mesa have a pots that switch the 2 signal but they are always mixed....if i connect the volume pedal in first position in the chain i obtain less signal when the pedal is down...can you help me for this problem...? you use the distortion channel of your amps? eventually can you suggest me a good distortion pedal for have a sound like your or like mesa-boogie....? thanks you are the best

Sorry, sounds like a complicated problem that I'd have so see in person to figure out. I don't know anything about how Boogie runs their FX loops. For live I mainly use pedal distortion, and my main pedal is the Maxon SD9.

Hi Scott,

It's been a long time since you were in the San Francisco Bay Area (I think the last time was at The Great American Music Hall with Tribal Tech - mid 90's?). Any plans of coming up this way, and with what ensemble?

Looking forward to seeing you again,


My agent used to live in San Francisco and he says it's the lowest paying city in the states for live music. We've had some offers from some clubs there but due to the cost of flights or van rental, gas, and hotel, those offers wouldn't do it. I'll ask my agent to keep trying though!

Hi Scott,

Have you ever met an aussie tech by the name of Dave Ulbrick or used any of his products or services? If so what?
I just got one of his 12axe and megalodon pedals. Very cool pedals indeed!
He has you listed as being a user of his equiptment. I think he's known as "mr tone" around here - at least to me anyway!

I don't recognize the name, but I'm sure I don't use any of his equipment, unless he works at Kinman.

Hey Scott, just a few questions.

1. What age did you start playing Jazz at? and then what age when you were playing Fusion?

I started playing fusion first when I was around 21, but soon I learned that most of the guys that were playing fusion started out as straight ahead jazz players, so I started listening to that, mainly Miles and Coltane.

2. Have you heard of Avishai Cohen?


3. Did you goto to any music schools to learn blues/jazz/fusion? or did you learn yourself?

Most of what I've learned about improvising and composing is from listening to records, so in a way I'm self-taught, but at music school (Florida Atlantic U, and GIT), I learned what to call the stuff I was transcribing and to communicate better with other musicians.

4. At the end of the song Stoopid, who those that grunts? Im guessing it was Kirk.

Yeah, and who knows which end it came from.

Hi Scott
Thanks again for taking the time to answer all these Q's

I was wondering what do you use or would recommend as a practice around the house type amp? On your video instruction the volume seems not loud at all but you had great tone. What do you think can be used low volume but still have tone?

I like the little Fender practice amps - they have FX too.

As a teacher I know you would recommend a person have one but being a busy dad & no *good* teachers here. What would you recommend as the most important things to do to keep improving. I don't mean practice as I do every night but.........
What would you work on? Or how would you best use an hour or two?
I know this is subjective & depends on where I am but generally?
Thanks again for any help & the great music you provide!

I usually just play over tunes that I have in the computer. Today it was All Blues for a couple hours. Sometimes I try to play ideas that came from transcribing, which usually sounds terrible at first because they always sound forced and out of context, until I'm able to play into the new idea seamlessly and then continue with something else that makes sense. It only takes a minute to transcribe something off a record and get it under your fingers, but to use it in a solo where it feels really natural - that's what takes time.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

yeah, when I listen to Band of Gypsys, I'm thinking... "hmmm... what this track needs is some Scott Henderson... I'll put Machine Gun on my next record and jam with Jimi..."

that is some funny shit. I sincerely laughed out loud after re-reading this post several times. I am reminded of Pat Metheny's rant a few years earlier regarding Kenny G's most ungraceful 'mistake'. Scott (or anyone else), if you haven't had the pleasure of viewing that yet, check it out:
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 10:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cool thread...thanks for posting. I love reading rants about artists like Kenny G.

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Matt Gordon

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 1:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finally some real musicians stand up! Of course, we already knew where Scott was standing on the Kenny G thing. Interesting comment from Pat about the lack of outcry from the music critics reference the Louis Armstrong fiasco. People like Scott, Pat, and many others are pushing real music to new areas, new music to real areas, and give faith that there are new Fathers providing us direction in jazz-based music through hands-on learning and council. We're terribly lucky to have these great guitar players who are also great musicians.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 10:19 am    Post subject: Suicidal Lobster Reply with quote

A few years ago my dad was on a cruise and he and the 'boat gig' piano player were discussing Kenny G.. Piano dude said he couldn't bring himself to dropping a live lobster into boiling water so he would prop him up in font of the stereo and play a Kenny G. tune. Once the lobster had committed suicide he'd drop him in the dum ching!

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