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Scott answers your questions - round 20 - 9/19/05

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 8:41 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 20 - 9/19/05 Reply with quote

Hey Scott, I listened to "The loner tribute to Jeff Beck" I really like your playing, Do you Know Fernando Pareta, he is a great guitarist from Argentina?
No, but I know Luis Salinas - he's great too.

Hey Scott...
Jenna Jamison or Alisha Klass???

Also...Any ETA on a new CD or project?
I assumed those are porn stars and I have to admit I didn't know their names, but I went to their websites and from what I can see, it appears that Jenna Jamison is endowed with more talent. This is not to say I don't also appreciate Alisha Klass for all of her quality work.

No ETA yet - I'm in writing mode now.

Fucking Amazon was not able to ship that Eric Dolphy CD. I just ordered it from Barnes & Noble. Let me know if you get it, etc. Thanks!


Yeah my Simpsons season 6 was late too. Got the CD, very interesting album and quite appropriately titled... A little random sounding to me but still interesting and I liked some of the arrangements. Tony Williams sounds great as usual on it. Thanks again.

Does anyone know how Scott uses the octafuzz? How does he get that wonderful saturated fat sound out of it, like, for instance, on Rituals or Song Holy Hall? Is it indeed almost no boost and the volume way up? With what amp setting or channel does he use it?

Use it in the crunch channel just like you would a regular distortion pedal, use your bridge pickup and pick really close to the bridge saddles.

Hey Scott,

Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. Here's mine. I'm a 26 year old whose played guitar for 18 years, mostly self taught, doesn't read music but can every boy deserves fudge slowly. I fronted my own band for 10 years, played over a 1000 shows, put out 5 cds toured US from Maine to Colorado to Florida and toured Italy twice and have recently stopped the band due to exhaustion and disillusionment with the music "indusrty". I was thinking of applying to GIT, to learn, change my enviorment, force myself back into a structured lifestyle and to get a better grip on the music biz real world and to make connections (biz or other musicians). I want to know if GIT will be worth my money , I know there are millions of things for me to learn about music but

If you've been playing guitar for 18 years you could probably teach there. You might be better off getting a good private instructor. I'm not saying you wouldn't learn a lot at GIT, but we don't have that many students with 18 years experience - it's possible that you already know enough to be bored in the classes. On the other hand, you can always go to someone's open counseling (that's what I do) and hang out there.

I wonder if my time would not be better spent by learning from making more music than "studying" it. I'm also about as unhollywood as can be. Any suggestions or advice is great. Thanks

I think in your situation it's good to do both - that's why I suggest you find a good private teacher. That way you can still do your thing and study music on the side. GIT is a one year commitment - it seems like a long time to devote only to study for someone with your experience.

Lone Wolf wrote:
... doesn't read music but can every boy deserves fudge slowly...

Every GOOD boy deserves fudge.

thats not really true, thats just something they tell you in music school to act the way they want you to

I always heard it as "Every Good Boy Does Fine" for the ledger lines and FACE for the spaces. Interesting.

I learned "every good boat does float", which is certainly more realistic!

I like that one!

Geez, what school did you guys go to?? It's Enormous Gigantic Boobs Deliver Fun

Hi scott.
What's the worst part about being a musissian?

That's easy - air travel.

It say's on the Fulltone website that you also used a Fulldrive 2 at a time... what made you decide to stop using it? what are the problems in using it? the reason im asking is im planning to get one... i havent tested it yet... can you give me some pointer's regarding the sound and effect of this pedal... i have a strat with humbucking pickups jazz on neck and sh-1 on bridge... thanks mr.Scott!
That's not true, I've never owned one, but I've heard it. My favorite Tube Screamer is the Maxon OD-9.

Hi Scott! My name's Stefano and i'm writing you from Italy.
I'd like to know wether you'll play again with Tribal Tech or not.

Probably not.

Is there nowadays any guitarists you like the most?

Answered already.

What do you think of italian jazz?

I've met and heard a lot of great players in Italy.

Thank you very much: i appreciate really much your way of playing, i find it original and passionate!
Go on this way!!! You're the best! Bye, Stefano

I see you have changed to 6 screw bridges on some of your guitars. Does this affect your tremolo technique?

No, it doesn't feel any different.

Do you use more delay live than on recordings? it sounds like your using a bit more on the live album, than on your studio albums....

In the studio I record dry and add delay in the mix. Live, I control the amount of delay with a knob on my pedalboard. Bob Bradshaw warned me to play a little dryer than usual for the recording, and I thought I was, but what I was hearing and what the mic heard is different. if I had it to do over I'd make it a little dryer.

HI Scott
I see on your site you used a Fender 57RI with Fralins for Dog Party.
I wondered since the radius is only 7.25 do you set it up differently than your Suhr as far as action height?
I mean you obviously didn't have any problems bending or fretting out

The action has to be higher on a Fender. In those days, my technique was radically different playing blues on that Fender and jazz on the Ibanez. Now with Suhr guitars I can get the blues tone but with easier playability.

I see someone above already asked about the trem technique with the six screw bridge. I was more interested in tone wise? I love the Suhr Standard as far as staying in tune. But I tend to think something is missing Strat tone wise. I am wondering if this is it. Do you think the six screw trem just transfers more vibration or whatever & this is part of the *Strat* sound?
I love my Suhr but must admit I have had much more classic Strat sounding Strats.
I would like to fix this if possible. If I could get that tone from this guitar I would be done.
Thanks again for all the music & the help you give here to gearheads!
There's a big difference in the tone of a Fender vintage six screw bridge and a two post bridge, as in the Gohto 1088 or 1099. Absolutely for sure, that's the reason your Suhr doesn't sound like a vintage strat. I have Suhr's with Fender bridges that sound exactly like my friend's '63, and some with Gohto's that sound good too, but in a different way. The main difference is that the Fender bridge has way more bass, making the sound of the instrument bigger and chunkier overall, while the Gohto delivers more high mid which makes the high notes sound really fat. I like the sound of the Fender bridge more - I've got it on all my live guitars, but I'm keeping the Gohto on one guitar for recording options.

John says the main difference in sound isn't so much because of six screws vs. two posts, but because the saddles on Fender bridges are hardened steel and Gohto saddles aren't. I think the block is also an important part of the tone. The Fender block is bigger than the Gohto block, and the string holes in the Gohto block are bored much deeper - I'm sure that makes a difference.

I was wondering what your thoughts were about fusion players like Greg Howe, Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed...

They're all really good players.

And on a totally unrelated note: Frank Zappa! I'm really curious as to your thoughts on him, and I can imagine me not being the only one
Answered already.

How long is your guitar cable? Lets say from the guitar to pedal switcher board then from the board to the amp?

I have two rigs, the Bradshaw setup where the pedals are in a drawer in my rack, and a small setup which is a basic pedalboard. In both setups my guitar cable is really short - about four and a half feet. From the pedalboard to the amp is about ten. In the Bradshaw rig, I plug into the pedal looper in the rack, and after that there's a buffer so it doesn't matter how long the rest of the cables are.

What guitar and amp setup did you use on the song Stella By Starlight (from the album Reality check)...

For the jazz Stella I borrowed a George Benson guitar from Ibanez. For the rock Stella the guitar was an Ibanez with Seymour Duncan '59 humbucking pickups. The amp was a Lee Jackson preamp with a Boogie power amp.

What pickup position (single or humbucking) are you using in that particular song? what effects did you use?

Bridge pickup. The only guitar effect on that tune is a little bit of delay.

Thanks Scott!

with regards of od pedals aside from the sd9 what pedal would sound good on humbucking pickups particularly seymour duncan jazz neck pickup and 59 bridge pickup? will the fulltone fulldrive 2 sound good on them? have you tried the FD2 on your jazz guitar before?

thanks Scott!

My favorite distortion pedals are the Maxon SD-9 (hi-gain), and OD-9 (Tube Screamer). I also like the old DOD Overdrive 250 (Yngwie's pedal). I haven't heard the FD2 in many years so I don't remember exactly what it sounded like, but I do remember that when I tried it I thought my old Ibanez Tube Screamer sounded better.

Ive read your gear page a hundred times... over and over...
And on your Illicit, Face First and Reality check albums you didnt say what kind of pedals and effects you were using? (Just amp & guitar)
Or did you or did you not use and pedals/effects during the making of these albums?
Incase you did use pedals, were they connected to a pedal switcher board like the one you use on your mighty OD 100/ Marshall Plexi set up?
You have pictures of that particular set up?
Many thanks again Scott!
Back then I was using amp distortion - no pedals. Sorry no pics.

Are your mogami cables low capacitance cables?

No, they're just normal cables - I don't like those cables that take out all the capacitance cause they destroy the midrange.

Hello again Scott!
Hope your doin fine.
What kind of guitar and what kind of pickups did used to record the songs from the album Thick and Rocket Science?
Suhr guitar with Seymour Duncan '59 pickups

How do you choose the key of your songs? For example do you always start with Eminor7 and progress from there?

Yes I always begin my songs in the key of E minor, as all composers do. Sometimes I hear voices telling me to go to another key, but if I take enough of the blue pills they go away. All the other keys should be avoided, especially Db minor - if you stay in that key for too long, Christians, Muslims and Scientologists will come into your dreams and kill you.

Do you own a car or a pickup?

Cement mixing truck.

Hi Scott...
1)What kind of gear did you use in Saturn 5 of Rocket Science album? Great tone and soloˇˇˇ

Answered above

2)What kind of distorsion pedal would be useful to get some kind of fusion guitar sound like Elvis at the hop or Holdsworth tone?
Do you think that the sd9 pedal could do that?

I'll ask it and get back to you...... it says yes, it can.

3)What kind of guitar combos do you like? What dou you think about the old ones like Musicman, Marshall and Fenders?

I like the old Fender Super Reverb and Deluxe.

Have you heard or seen the band Niacin?

I think I took something like that for a headache.

What do you think of their kind of fusion playing specially John Novello & Billy Sheehan?

I've never heard either one of them. I did ask Novello's daughter for a date one time. She said no.

Hi Scott...
1) How about the other xotic pedals? the BB and the Ac?

I don't like the BB - the AC is OK for the bridge pickup and it's very compressed.

2) You have a lot of latin things in your music, what are your influences about it?


3) Do you like some southamerican music?
Thanx again...

Yes, the girls in South America are very beautiful.

hey nashitah, Scott mentioned in the last q&a, "one question per customer next time". you may want to consider some editing....

Thanks dude!

Hi Scott,

I was listening to some of the more atmospheric stuff off Well to the Bone and it struck me that it's not a million miles away from some of the instrumental tracks on Dweezil Zappa's last record on Favored Nations. Have you ever thought about collaborating with him? you could probably get Steve Vai to foot the bill...

I don't collaborate with anyone except my dog Frogger, who's responsible for answering the "what's better, this or this" question.

How about other more experimental players, such as Vernon Reid and Reeves Gabrels?

Never conducted the experiment of buying one of their records.


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 23, 2005 12:56 am    Post subject: how i can send my first record , from chile to u scott? Reply with quote

im pablo from, chile, im your big fan, from chick corea to blues band, i talked with u when u come to chile in haytt hotel, well id like to send my first record (jazz rock) i need your advices and guide. thanks for play and make wonderfull music!!
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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