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Scott answers your questions - round 25 - 4/7/06

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StarShip Captain

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 07, 2006 1:13 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 25 - 4/7/06 Reply with quote

Thanks for answering Scott!
1. What's with your hairdos? There must be a story behind it worth tellin!

Yes, those awful hairdos... The story is, my natural hair wants to be an afro, as you can see in this pic from my first road band.

It was cool in '73, but these days to defeat the afro I have to get it relaxed every couple months - they put this stuff on my hair that burns like battery acid. Even when relaxed if I comb it, it frizzes back out, and if not combed it clumps together, which eventually results in dreadlocks of all different sizes. This "neglect" method of getting dreads is the worst looking, according to - I'd have to agree since my picture inside the Tore Down House CD won the award for "Worst Hairstyle" in a Los Angeles fashion magazine. After awhile I get tired of dreads so I cut it all off and start over. Since my hair's always in a state of change, no two photo sessions ever look alike.

2. How often do you change strings on your guitars?

Every gig.

3. How do you record bass when you compose music? Midi keyboard or do you use a real bass guitar?

Midi keyboard.

4. Have you ever tried Dr. Z amps - if so how did you like them?

I can't remember which one I tried, but it sounded really good.

Hi Scott i think the song Perý is very cool and i like the solos you play on melodic phrasing video.
I wonder why the version you play in the studio with TB is so different to the one in the video.

Different environment - one is with a band and the other is over a practice sequence.

Hi Scott
First of all thanks for making such great music!
You mentioned earlier that you have set trem springs 'the Van Halen way', what does that mean? Is it aligning the springs like this ||| rather than /|\ ?

No, the 2nd way

What are your settings on your Sunface? Specifically, what do you do with the internal trim knob?

It's all the way counter-clockwise, which in this case means it's at full volume. The fuzz is all the way up and volume is around 2 o'clock.

Hi scott,
what MIDI system did you use back in the olden days.How did you feel about-tracking,response?Have you ever thought of getting any of the new Roland or Axon stuff since they've gotten much better?Thanks,

I had an old Roland system - I didn't use it for fast playing because it didn't track well. I don't want to sound like a snob, but after playing with Joe Zawinul and Scott Kinsey, I've learned to appreciate quality synth programming and playing - most of the factory patches I've heard in guitar synths sound pretty cornball in comparison and I'm too old for a new career in programming to come up with great original sounds. I'd rather concentrate on getting cool sounds from the guitar.

Hi scott gill vanderlip here its has been a long time. glad your career is doing well. you have always been one the best players out there. saw a video where you are playing with the round part of the pick. i have been using that for years. lots of players use that technique. you showed in the video how you pop the strings and also get a warmer tone. i agree totally with that. did you have to practice skip string lines. thats always been the hardest thing for me. and brushing the strings get that (thumb ) attack and its sounds great. love your rc booster bb pedal sound. im trying to get the sansamp to combine with rc booster to get a natural tone to tape. any opinions on direct recording. the pod is a bit fuzzy and midrange for my taste any way take care and thanks for all the great music love the live cd later gill

Thanks Gill - the only box I know of that sounds pretty good is the Palmer PGA-04 - it's a one space rack unit that replaces the speaker cabinet. In my opinion it doesn't sound as good as a speaker, but if you need to record your amp without the volume, it's the one to get.

Hello Scott!
1. Is this volume knob that you use when you are not using your full pedal board (with the MIDI controller and all) a stock pedal or is it custom made for you? What brand is it?
Thanks a million!!!

I made it myself. It's just a Hammond box that you can get at an electronics store or at The pot is an NTE 50K Linear Taper. It's one of those big military grade pots like the one in an Ernie Ball volume pedal. It needs to be a hefty pot because I stand on it all night - a normal pot wouldn't last very long. Just wire the pot to an input and output jack and that's it.

Hi Scott!!
I wonder is the head on your version of Giant Steps on the VTT album played in 4/4?
Who was the main arranger on your version?
Thanx a bunch!!

It's in 4/4. It wasn't really arranged, it was improvised. I just rolled tape and played the head five or six times, improvising different rhythms each time. We picked the one we liked the best and learned it.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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