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Scott answers your questions - round 2.8 - 4/10/10

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:09 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 2.8 - 4/10/10 Reply with quote


You've mentioned a lot of effects that aren't in your rig that you dig. If I may inquire would you briefly touch how you do/would use the following in a rig to get the hippest sounds out of them:

BB Preamp
DOD Overdrive 250
Eternity (don't know if you've played this)
No offense to Xotic but I don't own a BB. I tried one for awhile but went back to my Maxon SD-9. The DOD sounds best with both knobs around 2 o'clock. It's a very bright pedal so I don't use it live. For recording with the DOD, I mic the speaker's paper, which is a cool but different tone than using my regular pedals and micing the cone. The COT has just one knob and I turn it all the way up. I haven't tried the Eternity.

Do you have any other pedals you really dig that aren't in your rig?

I have about 50 pedals and I love them all, but a few that I use a lot are the Klon Centaur, Moogerfooger Ring Mod and Murf, Z Vex Ringtone and Ooh Wah, Line 6 M9, Foxrox TZF Flanger, Boss Dimension C, Analog Man Sun Face, KR Megavibe.

I recently played a Bogner basketweave 4x12. Sounded great but a lot of low end. Is it ever a concern with you that speakers dip too far into that range (IE getting in the bass's way)

No, I like a lot of bass in my tone, but it doesn't interfere with the bass players territory. If it did our soundman would yell at me.

Did any of the other musicians in the Elektric band have the adverse reaction to Chick? FYI Chick's crowd/entourage are jokingly referred to as the "Sci Fi's" by some musicians...

WARNING - religious people may be offended by this answer.

I don't think Weckl and Patitucci were as wary of him as I was, since I definitely have no use for organized religion, and Scientology is #1 on my avoid at all cost list. John is a Christian, so I'm sure he had his own issues with Chick's beliefs, but while I was in the band he kept them to himself. After I was gone, I heard they were "arguing religions" which I find outrageously barbaric. Nothing more pathetic than people arguing about things they think they know, but in reality, don't. Dave and I never discussed religion with anyone while I was in the band, but my personal lifestyle with some of the female audience members was in direct violation of Scientology doctrine, so I had to hide it from them, an act I'm not at all proud of. Even though I still regard Chick as one of the most brilliant pianists in the world, very much enjoyed listening to him play every night, and shared some laughs and good times with him, to this day I regret taking that gig - it wasn't at all what I expected. I thought it would be musically challenging and good for my career, but at that time, Chick was into having a highly commercial band. His stage and performance concepts negatively affected my attitude and playing, and I found that being a sideman did nothing for my career compared to writing my own music. Plus I felt that I'd lost my integrity because I changed my behavior so as not to offend the people around me, and no gig is worth that. In hindsight, I wish when I was told to "play your solos out on the edge of the stage" like a strutting pop star, that I had said "What is this, Vegas? Go fuck yourself". Then my six month gig as guitarist for the Elektric Band would have been reduced to one week.

After that experience I'd pretty much decided never to be a sideman again, but luckily I got the gig with Zawinul. Not only was the music great, but there were no cults or religious zealots, and there were WAY more hot chicks at the gigs. That was a good healing period for me after what I'd been through with the Flanders family.

Let me clarify one thing - I'm a tolerant person and don't hold anyone's beliefs against them personally. Some of my close friends and relatives are religious people. I don't say anything offensive to them about their beliefs, as long as they don't try to convert me. People can believe as they wish and still be tolerant of others who believe differently.

My problem is with intolerance - the organizations and their evangelists, the Jerry Falwell's of the world (good riddance asshole), and the people who think it's their duty to round up more candidates for their religion because "theirs is the only way". Scientologists are evangelists by definition. They think of themselves as superior human beings - that's scary enough, but their game plan is to "clear the planet", coming dangerously close to Nazism, which is why Scientology is so heavily investigated and criticized by the German government. Having been down that road themselves, it's easy to see why Germany recognizes Scientology as the devious entity that it is, and they're one of the countries which has come close to banning it completely. Even though somehow this money hungry cult still enjoys tax exempt status as a religion in the US, they've definitely been exposed by reputable journalists for what they really are.,9171,972865,00.html

Unlike the Muslim religion, which generated a small number of extremists who endanger innocent people, Scientologists are extremists by nature, because they endanger anyone who's weak minded enough to be taken in by their scam. They may not blow people up, but the emotional, psychological, and financial damage they do to people is almost as severe.

On a very personal note, my sister and I were psychologically abused as children by horrific cult #2 on my list - Christianity. Baptists to be more precise. We were taught (as children!!) that we would burn in hell for disobeying the doctrine of the church. Many religions abuse children in sickening ways that are as bad or worse than physical abuse. Except for the many Catholic priests who seem to really enjoy the physical abuse as well. But the real criminals are the Catholic officials who simply shuffle the offenders off to different parishes so they can continue their crimes instead of going to prison, where they can get their rectums re-sized to see how they like it. I could go on for pages about these motherfuckers with their holy wars, pompous gold-laden cathedrals, and mind-bending wrist-slapping penguins, not to mention their help in the spread of AIDS and trampling over women's rights for centuries. And to top it all off, the Pope's last album sucked! So, how many hail mary's do I need for that paragraph? Answer: 0

Also the elderly are often victims because of their gullibility. My poor mother died penniless after being scammed for tens of thousands of dollars by swindlers Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson. If there is a hell, those guys will be living in the basement. What are you gonna do... too many Christians, not enough lions. Just kidding, sort of. I'm not really sure after being raised in a religious household how I finally came to realize that it was all a bunch of superstitious bullshit. Common sense I guess, or maybe because luckily I got a gig when I was 16 playing Rolling Stones covers at the Candy Bar strip club, and had to decide whether to keep playing guitar in church or take that gig. What a no-brainer.

As humans gradually evolve and learn to think for themselves, brainwashing will become more and more difficult to achieve, so it's inevitable that cults and religions will eventually dissolve into laughable memories like "the world is flat". Of course that'll never happen in our lifetime. Just as KKK members brainwash their children with their own prejudice, religious people do the same to their children to perpetuate their own superstitions. Who knows how many generations it will take to end it. Most likely Earthlings will be living on other planets by then, but at least there won't be a need for a Pope spacemobile.

For more on the evils of religion:
For entertainment:
Also, you can buy Bill Maher's great film Religulous on iTunes for 9.99. Worth every penny.

Last thing: You are one of the most self critical musicians I've ever heard. Don't you ever wish you could brain wash yourself into believing your shit was the baddest? Would you be able to dig music more?

No, I don't want to delude myself into thinking my shit is the baddest, because clearly it's not. I like living in the real world. I listen to musicians all the time who I feel are more talented than I am, but that doesn't mean I look at myself as untalented. I'm just grateful for what I have.

When you are actually playing you aren't thinking that stuff (IE my solo is sucking), right?
Peace, J

No, when I'm playing I'm just having a great time. Unfortunately I don't have a great time listening back, because during that process I become highly critical. That can be a good thing and it's helped me correct problems in my playing, but in general it's not a lot of fun to hear myself - it's much more fun to play.


I would like to ask about the great solo in tune Crash Course from VTT. For me is one of the greatest instrumental solos I have ever heard and I can't imagine how you mix playing through this changes with so great phrasing. You mentioned that during recording of your solos you get a few takes, choose the best and fix things if there are some parts you dislike. Did you fix anything in this solo or is it a pure take?

thanks, all the best!, and more such great solos !!!

That's a first take. It's got a few clunker phrases in it, but it was a good band take so I decided to leave it as it was.

Do you have any thoughts on Tone Tubby speakers?

I've never tried them.

do you have any thoughts on that tone?

I wouldn't be able to make any kind of judgment from an Internet clip. Great guitar player though!

Hi, Scott,
what about a fusion blues cd with John Scofield? It seems that you have a lot in common. Im sure your fans would love to hear you playing with other great musicians, sax palyers, piano players, etc. Invite them, please

I don't do albums with other guitarists, unless they have all the music ready to go and I'm just a guest artist. I have a hard enough time coming up with music for my own records.

When are you coming to Brazil? Its been some time now.

In November with Dennis Chambers and Jeff Berlin.

One last question: do you thing pot helps while playing or making music?

It doesn't help me, that's for sure. The few times I smoked pot and tried to play it was a disaster.

Hi Scott!Can you help me ,please?

Wich is the best combo amplifier?

Hot rod deluxe or 65 deluxe reverb reissue?

Thanks a lot man!
lo castro

Sorry I haven't heard the 65 reissue - it's kind of pricey for an amp that small. You could compare the two amps at a store, but they have different speakers, so you'd have to A/B them with the same external cab to get an accurate comparison. I never considered the reissue because it has no FX loop - I don't like spring reverb or delay pedals before the preamp. I can use the same FX setup with my HRD that I do with my Suhr head, and it's a great sounding amp if you put a good speaker in it. I put a Celestion Heritage 65 in mine.

Hi Scott.

Can you give us some info for this tune:

Is the title "Troglodytes Shuffle"?
I can't find something for this...

Thanks man!!!

That's the tune at the beginning of Steve Bailey's bass instructional video - Steve probably wrote it but I don't know the name. I remember Steve was recording his whole video that day so we had very little time - we came in, learned the tune and played one take.

Scott!! Thaks for your time!! Buying me my first guitar, my father used to say "I can give you the fishing line son, but you have to catch the fishes yourself". It's pretty much the same with your answers here, I feel. Thans a lot for it again.
I've sold a very old ibanez sd9 to buy the tickets for your gig in warsaw (with Jeff Andrews, ~2 years ago) and a year later sold the tickets for scott kinsey group with you on board to buy the maxon sd9 (it was quite hard to buy it here, so I couldnt wait when one appeared), now fortunately they're available) . So I've missed your gig here and lookink forward to another one!!! Do you plan to play any gigs in Poland in the nearest future?

Well at least you have the Maxon version now - it's much better than the Ibanez. No plans for Poland at this time, but I'll be back in Europe this summer so we'll see what happens.

I was wondering what are your feeling about touring and playing with Matt Garrison, I find him as definately#1 from the younger generation of bass players.
Thanks and keep rocking!! You're the man!
All the best

Matt is awesome. I agree with you, I think he's #1 of his generation. He has it all, a great sense of harmony, grooves his ass off and plays really musical solos that aren't all 16th notes, unlike a lot of electric jazz bass players. He's also way into tone and really knows how to use FX, creating many different textures that are beyond anything I've heard from any other bass player. He's also one of the few guys who plays chords with finesse - Jeff Berlin also has that chordal ability. I guess on a bass it's about playing chords with a light touch, because when most bass players do it, it sounds clunky to me, like they're hitting the strings too hard. When Matt or Jeff play chords, it sounds like a huge orchestra - makes guitar chords sound puny in comparison so it's a tough act to follow! I'm looking forward to working with Matt again, he's a great musician.

Hi, Scott
Have you tried EHX Small Clone? Don't you think the tone is better than Arion's?

I haven't heard it - another pedal to check out next time I'm at True Tone.

What is your impression about the audiences around the world: musicality, response, feedback... any curious experience you had with different cultures?

All I care about is if there are women in the audience. If not, it feels like a workshop, not a gig. Dutch women don't like us at all - I haven't seen a girl in the audience there in years. But in most countries it's OK - of course there are always more men than women, but we get a good mixed audience in India, South America, Asia, and just about everywhere in Europe except for Holland and Belgium. Any audience with women in it is going to be more lively and responsive than an audience of men only. It's pretty discouraging to look out into a sausage factory. But on the last tour we had quite a few women at our shows so it was encouraging.

Also, it's not just the country, but the venue. Playing in stuffy theatres where no alcohol is served usually makes for a quiet audience, unless I get on the mic and try to get them going, which I usually do. But in a club, that's not as necessary since they're already drinking and having a good time, plus the sound is usually better, it's more intimate and the crowd is less inhibited. I prefer playing clubs over theatres any day - I like it when the tables are right up to the stage. It makes me feel like I'm playing for people instead of a black hole, which thanks to the lighting is what the view looks like from a theatre stage. Light people hate me because they want to do a show themselves, but I want to see the people in the audience because it helps me connect wth them better, so I ask the light guys to always leave some house lights on. They hate that, but they understand my reason for it.

Does your approach to soloing on complex time signature tunes differ from your approach to soloing on simple time sigs?

What approach would that be? I'm totally inept at soloing in anything but 4/4, and if I'm lucky, 3/4. I don't write music in complex time signatures so I've always considered learning to solo over them a waste of time. I enjoy some bands like Gentle Giant and Mahavishnu, who used different time signatures in a very musical way, but I have to say that most of the odd time based music I hear just sounds overly technical to me.

greetings,what you think of wayne's latest quartet?with blade perez and patittucci,and generally that kind of music concept.
btw i watched your trio once again,great show,probably the best guitar trio or at least my favorite and most musical by far.Although giev more new songs of yours!i mean both harmony and melodyl in some compositions are REALLY cool,really dig em!

Thanks! I'm working on tunes now, so hopefully we'll have a new record soon. I love Wayne's current thing, even though it's really different from what he's done in the past. The tunes are much more open, more improvised. I know from experience that when you play compositions from night to night it can get a little tedious, so I'm sure this new direction is giving Wayne more freedom to play different stuff every night, and from what I've heard it sounds like they're having a great time. Thank goodness for Wayne Shorter!!

How many Big Dogs shirts do you have and are they all "if you can't hit with the big dogs.." or do you have different kinds?


I have about thirty and they're all different - except for my three favorites, which I have two or three of each.

"Big Dogs Gas Company - Blaming It On The Dog Since 1983"
"Big Dogs Electric - We Check Your Shorts"
and my favorite "Big Dogs Master Baiter Bait and Tackle Shop - You Never Leave Empty Handed"

Hi Scott, just wondering which pickup you use the most? It sounds like you are mostly using the neck pickup. On the tune Dog Party on the Live album, it sounds like you are using the neck pickup right from the start, is that correct?

Yes I start Dog Party with the neck pickup but I change back and forth quite often. My treble pickup has a fat smooth tone so sometimes it might be hard to tell which pickup I'm using. I'd say I use them both about about the same.

Teaching question - would you be interested in giving an individual lesson via Skype or telephone or something? I would gladly pay good money for an hour or two of picking your brain on a few things (video would not be necessary, just talking). If this is an option, how can this be set up?

Sorry, I don't teach at home. Two days a week at GIT is way enough teaching for me.

Hi again Scott. Have you heard Brian Baker (recently w/ Yellowjackets and Steps Ahead)? I wonder what do you think about such a crazy kind of playing. All the Best!!!

I haven't heard him.

I really enjoyed your humbucker tones. I set up a Valley Arts Custom Pro with an old Holdsworth in the bridge and ordered a double screw 59er to put in the neck (very sweet sounding pickup). Do you ever use those sounds anymore, at least on the new Tribal Tech album you guys are doing?

No, I don't like double screw pickups - they have no bass at all, though they do have a smoother top end than single screw humbuckers. The thing is, in the mix it's way easier to hear that your tone has no bass than it is to hear the subtile difference in smoothness between a single or double screw humbucker. I've really gotten away from that honky midrangy tone of humbuckers in general. To me they sound small compared to single coils which are more full range. I use a Les Paul or SG for layering in the studio, when I need a sound that stays out of the way of my main guitar. The Gibsons have about half the bass of my Suhrs, so they live in a totally different frequency range.

If you had a small bar gig in which you had to play a variety of material -- SRV, Hendrix, country, Hi-gain, funk, rockabilly, AC DC, etc. -- what amp/effects set-up would you use?

If you're playing funk at high volume, you need a clean channel. The Fender Hot Rod DeVille is a good two speaker combo with channel switching and it's not that expensive - but the speakers suck so I'd put Celestion 65's in it. It takes distortion pedals well, and has an FX loop so you can use reverb and delay after the preamp, which is the best place to put them. I'd use a Suhr mixer though, because most FX units screw up your tone. By the way, I'm suggesting a combo because a Marshall cab is usually overkill on a small bar gig.

If you didn't have the Suhr silent single coil pickup set-up, what would you use for live gigs in crappy bars?

Crappy pickups. Just kidding - no offense to DiMarzio or Kinman, because they make the highest quality noiseless pickups ever, but they don't sound as good as the real thing. Before the days of the SSC system, I used DiMarzio 2.2 pickups - they're on my Live album and I think they sound really good. I later switched to Kinman because they had a bit more bass. But if you're playing a strat, why not just use the SSC backplate? Quite a few of my students use it and they say it gets rid of the hum.

Hi scott,

I read that you use the Klon Centaur..
Do you use it in boost mod or with more drive?
Do you prefer the rc booster?



One of the great things about the Centaur is that it can be a high gain pedal or a boost, depending on the settings. It's got a bit more low mid than the RC Booster, but I wouldn't say it sounds better, just different. Fatter in a different frequency range. It's definitely an awesome pedal and I'm sure I'll use it on future recordings.

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I watched your video and i like its music. I like pop music and after listning your music i am your fan. I want your all songs DVD so please can you provide me this DVD. I want to deliver it on reviews address. If you help me then please let me now. I shall be remember this your help always.
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