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Scott answers your questions - round 7 - 8/7/04

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 6:59 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 7 - 8/7/04 Reply with quote

1> Have you guys started mixing the new Live CD?


No, I just started listening to it last week. It's easier for me to deal with hearing myself when there's an element of surprise so I needed to get away from it for awhile.

2> Were you happy with the performances?


You're kidding, right? It's funny how different people are - I read a Scofield interview where he said that every time he hears a tape of himself playing live, he wishes he could play like that in the studio. When I hear myself playing live, it makes me wish it was a studio so I could fix all the crap I play. Anyway, I can live with the performances on the CD, but what I'm happy about is the great sound that Bob Bradshaw got for us.

3> When is the Live CD going to be released?


I really don't know Mike Varney's plan for the release date.

4> Any chance of posting a couple of sneak preview clips?


I'm going to mix with Mike Landau, so this record's going to sound great - I'd rather wait and release it at it's best.

Scott, which 8 records would you take with you if you were marooned alone on a desert island? Also, name 1 luxery object (which must be inanimate) and 1 book that you would take with you as well (it is assumed that an appropriate religious text--the Bible, the Koran, or an equivelant volume-is already there, together with the works of Shakespeare). Oh and it's taken for granted that the means to play the records exists; assuming there is a grammophone and an inexhaustible supply of needles to play them, or say, a solar powered CD player is presumed to be available as a means of hearing them.


I already answered the records question in #______, but if I'm going to be there alone, keep your bible and koran and give me a stack of penthouse.

Hello, Scott. Greetings from Atlanta. I'm currently studying with Steve Freeman by the way. Any plans to make it to Atlanta again? I was out of town during your last show here. We'd really like to see ya'll hit the "chitlin' circuit".


No US tour this year but we'll try in '05.

Hey Scott, well I lost the bet! I figured you heard your solos 1.8743 milliseconds ahead of time. No biggie.............I have been speaking with a really nice guy by the name of Chip Flynn. He has very nice things to say about him and from what I hear QUITE a good guitar player. I was hoping you could pass on your opinion of his playing to others...........?


Sorry, there goes my bad memory again and I don't recognize the name. I meet a lot of musicians and students - I'm better at faces than names.

In the last round, you mentioned your strat's tone knob is on three. Is that permanently the case?


3 with high gain sounds, between 4 and 7 with cleaner sounds. BTW, I'm talking about tone #2 which on my strats only affect the treble pickup. Tone #1 for my neck and middle pickup is usually on 7 or 8.

What are your general settings for your guitar's tone and volume knobs and why?


I think you get a fatter tone by turning the tone down on the guitar with lots of amp treble than the reverse. I agree with what Jeff Beck says about volume - if the guitar is on 10, sometimes it overloads what it's going into but if you back it off to 9 you get a smoother tone.

Also can you please tell me about your Suhr tele(s). What specs do they have?

Do you find teles harder to play than strats?


My tele has the traditional hardware and pickups, but it's made of alder with a rosewood neck because the traditional tele wood (swamp ash) was too bright for me. It has the same neck dimensions as my strats, so it's not any harder to play.

Hi Scott greetings from poland. I've got a question about gear, Marshall plexi '68. Have you modded plexi? Which plexi has better sound '68 or '69 in your opinion?


My plexi has been modded - it's a super-bass and Alexander Dumble and John Suhr told me how to mod it so that it's sort of halfway between a super-bass and a super-lead. Basically I just took some of the bass away without adding the treble of a super-lead. I don't know the difference between a '68 and '69 but there are lots of pages on the web with that information. I do know that my plexi has a "lay down" transformer, which means it's one of the louder (and supposedly better sounding) Marshalls so I have to use a Variac with it or it'll fry my speakers. I had to bias the amp for around 90 volts.

Hey scott I was wondering if you have heard the new Chick Corea Electric Band album "To The Stars". I think it has really pushed the envolope even for this day and age of jazz, what are your thoughts on it.


Haven't heard it

I heard a rumor that you are now in the Zawinul band again, is this true? It would be great if you are.


No, I'm just filling in for a couple weeks until Joe's regular guitarist comes back.

What do you think of free jazz like Ornette Coleman and late John Coltrane (Ascension)? Later TT is *kinda* like it has a similar idea...has it influenced you?


I like free jazz, especially later Coltrane. The two improvised Tribal Tech records are definitely influenced by this kind of music. The difference is, in Tribal Tech our goal was to make improvised music sound like written compositions - sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't but it was always challenging and fun to try.

This isnt really a question (I asked you about kinmans a while ago) but I've got the avn traditionals in my strat and they're absolutely incredible, perfect i dare say. I think you'd love them, and apparently they kill the Dimarzio VV2.2's from what ive read. You gotta try them


Chris is going to send me some to try.

After I finish school, I might like to go to a music college, what does MI offer that Berkelee doesnt? How do they compare? Do they offer international scholarships?


I've never even visited Berkelee so I don't know enough about them to compare them to MI. The websites of the schools could tell you way more than I could.

What do you think the "next big thing" is in jazz? I mean theres thousands of amazing players and great music around now but not much innovative new 'groundbreaking' stuff to change the jazz world like there was in the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. I think Tribal Tech was pretty incredible but unfortunately fusion hasn't really been overly popular for a while. Whats your take of this and the jazz world?


Honestly I've never thought about it so I must not care very much. How about if fallout from a passing comet made women like fusion and there would be just as many women as men in the audience so it didn't look like a fucking Johnny Cash prison concert? Now that would be something groundbreaking to change the jazz world.

1-Was your attitude when you were first starting out "i'm going to do music for a living, or end up living in a cardboard box"? Or did you have some sort of "time limit" before you were going to head down to Vivid and apply for a job?


No, I knew I was going to play music for a living - I didn't know I'd be lucky enough to play my own music, but if I couldn't do that I'd be a 50 year old member of a top 40 band somewhere.

2-Did you go through any starvation periods during your career in music, or have you always been fortunate enough to either have a steady gig or family and friends who would help you out if times were lean?


I've been through periods of having to steal food from supermarkets and accept gift baskets of food from friends. I've also worked as a mechanic for my Dad's auto shop. as a telephone operator, as a telemarketer selling pens to banks, policeman's ball tickets, and the unforgettable and always inspiring aluminum siding.

3-From what i know, when musicians from another country come here to play, they first have to get a "work visa" which costs thousands of dollars. Is this the same for you when you tour over seas? Does this expense come out of your pocket, or does the promoter pick up the tab?


Only some countries require work visas for musicians - the promoter has to pay for that.

4-Are there any guitar players out there (besides Landau) who you make an effort to hear what they're up to, or try and see them live if possible? Or do you mostly listen to non-guitar stuff these days?


I like to hear Kurt Rosenwinkle - he's awesome. I would never miss the chance to see Phillip DeGruy either, or Ted Greene. But there are so many more that you already know about that I like too.

5-You've probably seen a ton of guitar-star guests do clinics at GIT over the years- any fond memories you'd like to share? Any surprises?


The most amazing guitarist I've ever seen at GIT was Albert Collins. I have no words - that show just blew my head off! He was so incredible but his live show took it to another level and I'd never seen him live before - I was talking about it for weeks.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is so cool that Scott takes the time to do this, thanks!

I saw Albert Collins open and play with Gary Moore at the Universal Ampatheater in 1989. Gary was doing the blues thing then, he only played in LA and NY that tour. I don't remember AC that well but I know GM was very into him. I think it is interesting that a great technician like Scott H. would get into such an emotional player like that. Then again I know Scott plays with as much heart and soul as anyone.

Too funny on the Penthouse line. I cant wait for the new live disk, and Landau mixing too, its going to sound great.

Vegas fan out.
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 1:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I saw Albert Collins twice. Once in the late eighties and then just before he passed away in '92. I still remember both of those shows vividly. Albert was a great showman but never over the top, and his tone and phrasing were unique, powerful and special. I can totally understand Scott's reaction, because Albert was always on top of his game.
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