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Scott answers your questions - round 14 - 4/15/05

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 2:14 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 14 - 4/15/05 Reply with quote

You're obviously a big fan of Plexis...Have you ever tried any of Greg Germino's amps? I bought one of his 4x12's with Greenbacks to compliment my OD-100, and it is top notch.

I've never tried one - it's on my list of about 50 amps I'd like to hear.

Hi, thanks for playing in Randers, Denmark, it was a great show(best show I ever atended), hope you come back soon... And thank you for signing my cd  (which I paid 20kr extra for   )... I saw that you had changed your pedal board, could you give me some info about that? I got a little "starstruck" thats why i did´nt ask you that night... Thank you so much, for your music...
 Kind regards


Thanks Allan - the only thing I can think of that's been changed is I no longer use both channels of my amp, so the channel switch is now being used for my Jam Man, and the extra box that used to switch the Jam Man is gone.

hi scott i m chris from greece,friend of your student kostas!!it s the second time i post here because i want to ask you some..gear things.sorry my english is not very good... 
1.i want to make a home studio and i wanted to ask you if its better to make one room to put there only the amp of the guitar or it doesnt matter... :roll:someone told me that if you are at the same room its better because it s better the reasonance when the guitar is at the same room with the amp...  i ll make it to my neighbours around..

You can get some nice response from the cabinet when the guitar is in the same room, but you're gonna have to turn your phones up really loud to compete with a loud amp. I don't want to blow my ears out doing that, so my cab is in the loud room and I monitor at a reasonable volume in the control room. If I really need feedback, sometimes I can turn up the monitors loud enough to make that happen. It's one of the reasons I use Tannoy monitors - if I blow a tweeter it's only fifteen bucks to replace it.

 2.a-what is your opinion about fender amps compared with matchless;

 b-i like very much to matchless this..crunche at the clean channel.i think that i ll buy one matchless and i don t know which...can you suggest me; 

Fender and Matchless are completely different since Fender is class A/B and Matchless is class A. I gave my opinion on class A amps in previous answers.

 c- at dog party with which matchless were you playing;

I don't remember - check the gear page of my website.

 d-will i have the similar sound with a fender twin amp if i ll put the rc booster at the clean channel;

 e-i have heard that because of the very good clean signal of fender amps,when you put one pedal to a fender amp it has very good sound than in other s true;

The RC Booster is a good pedal - it'll make any Fender amp fatter and give you more gain.

 f-if i ll put groove tubes to my twin reverb than 6l6 that he have now,and to my marshall jtm30(he have also 6l6),do you belive that the sound will be better for the sound that i want;i love general the tone of dog party and texas flood.

I've never tried Groove Tubes

 g-good speakers for fender twin reverb...;i have now eminence legend

Never tried those either - my favorite speakers are Celestion Greenbacks.

Hi Scott,

 Just checking to see if any word of Australian tour?

Still no reply to three of my e-mails to Voracity.

 Also, from a photo, it looks like you have your neck Kinman pup set really close to the guard. Is that right? I was wondering cause I've left my Kinamns fairly close to the strings....just wanted to know what you thought the difference in tone was.

 Cheers, Glenn

The neck pickup is low so it matches volume with the treble pickup which is all the way up. I like the way it sounds there - too gainy for me if it's higher.

hey scott, i just got the new live disc set, good stuff, i'm really enjoying it...
i was wondering what your top 5 Coltrane recordings are? And speaking of great sax players, i was browsing the net and discovered that March 12th was the 50th anniversary of Charlie Parker's passing...curious if you dig Bird at all, was he ever an influence on you..any thoughts?

 thx & peace, James

I really don't have any favorites - I've heard so many of them and they're all great. Of course I dig Bird, it's hard to imagine anyone that wouldn't.


 Do you have any special goals left as a guitar player?

Yeah, to someday be able to listen to something I recorded and like it.

Is there anything you can't do that you wish you could?

Just about everything.

Something you wish you could play but you can't?

Right now I'm working on "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" for the baby. I want to be able to play the bass and melody at the same time.

 Have you ever used a Soldano SLO, gigged or simply tested it? What do you think?

Never tried one.

 Do you use coil splitters on your HSH guitars? How much worse it would be for you if you had to use those guitars on your regular trio gig, using splitted coils when needed and 010s on regular E tuning? Is the tone much worse or you could live with that?

Couldn't live with that. Normal low output humbuckers sound really thin when you split them - that sound can't compete with a great single coil pickup. High output humbuckers might split better, but I don't like the sound of them as humbuckers. I don't even use humbuckers anymore live - I like single coils way more.

 You said about doing the South America tour again. If you come to Brazil, who we need to contact to try to include my city in you tour? (3rd biggest in Brazil)
Thanks again!

Antonio Mario.

Hey Scott,
 As of the last half a year of my life you have been by far my most favorite guitarist on the face of this earth.
 I'm 20 and I go to Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, FL. Remember that crazy place?? I'm sure it's changed a lot since you went there. I am currently studying guitar there as a music major with Charles Carey, who I believe was once a student of yours, and I have heard many great stories from teachers that worked there when you went to school, does the name Semour (Sy) Pryweller ring a bell?

 Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for all of the unbelievable inspiration that you have brought to my music and life.

Thanks Gavi!

 I have just a few questions about gear for you, I'm sure you saw this coming...
 I play through a Fender Super Reverb with a heritage guitar (2 59' Humbuckers)...
 What is your opinion on the Boss DD-3 delay remodded petal by Analog Man, is it good or is there a better one thats not that expensive and can give me some very good thick and solid delay.

Sorry, I've never tried that one.

 Do you think the Maxon OD-9 or SD-9 would be good with that combination or possibly another petal instead?

Those are my favorite overdrive pedals.

 And is there any other equipment or petals that you could maybe recommend off the top of your head for my rig that might be really good for improving my overall tone, something to enhance my clean sound, because I find my sound to be a quite thin, lame, and lacking color.
 Thank you so much!


Try the RC Booster - it adds fatness, punch and gain to your sound without coloring the original tone.

Hey Scott. First, thanks for being so generous with answering all of our questions. I have seen you play with your blues trio several times at the La ve lee. While I dig your sound with Kirk and John, it was a real treat to hear you blaze with Kinsey and Ron Bruner Jr. I was hoping you would share your thoughts on playing this 'less-formal' gig.
Thanks Scott!!

I like this gig a lot because of it's looseness - most of the time we're just jamming. Plus it's always fun to play with such great musicians.

Have you ever considered using a computer in your live rig for running VST plug-ins? Something like a Mac mini with an external audio card.

I've talked to Kinsey a bit about what's involved - it's a bit more complicated than I like but it's definitely worth investigating - I've got some plug-ins I'd love to have on stage.

 What's your opinion on stereo rigs and W/D/W?

It's a luxury for the player, but since most PA's are mono, to me they don't make a lot of sense to drag around. I play a stereo system myself, but of a different type, since I'm using two amps - one to run 10's and the other to run 12's. It's a luxury for me, but the house only actually hears the 12's since we don't mic the 10's. I don't take the 10's on the road with me, so my stereo rig is just for gigs in LA.

 How did you shorten your whammy bar? Did Suhr make you a new one?

No I just use a hacksaw and then super glue the plastic knob back on.

 On the net, there's a one song studio jam (I think) of you in a fusion quartet (not TT) called Toe Jam. I'd like to know if this is released somewhere and if there are more songs. The video must be from the 80's, and you're playing the purple Ibanez. The song goes somewhat like this: da-di-do-dee-daaaaaaaa. Also, on the guitar jack on that video, there's something that looks like a thick woollen sock. What could that be? 

I have no idea...... sorry!

Hi Scott. I was wondering how did you develop your relative ptich? You`ve mentioned before that you hardly sing along when you`re playing and I hear that`s one of the best way to improve your ears. Could you please guide us a little bit about this? Thank you.

Transcribing a lot really helped me - that's the best ear training I can recommend, plus you're learning new stuff so it's win win.

hi scott, considering you are the master of tone i want to ask you some question

 1. in your opinion , it is true that speaker cabinet like celestion needs break in period
that means it is sound better after used few months or just a myth?

That's true - speakers need to be broken in, some more than others. I don't notice a huge change in Greenbacks in the first month, but I think there's a subtile change as they get less brittle sounding. With Kendrick Blackframe 10" speakers there's a huge difference - they basically sound like crap until you break them in. I take new ones over to Bob Bradshaw and he runs a loud, super low bass tone through them for a few days - that loosens them up!

 2.i have american standart strat with vintage bridge, and i change the bridge pickup with

 Duncan '59 but since the pickup designed for les paul , the pole pieces is narrower then
strat bridge do you have some problem?

I don't think that's as big a problem as other people do. I've never had problems because the strings and pole pieces don't line up perfectly.

 3. you said that you stay away from electronical device to reduce volume of speaker
cabinet, have you ever try harness or juice extractor made by allan holdsworth?what is your opinion?

That's what I was using - it works great for Allan because that style of legato playing doesn't require a lot of dynamics from the right hand - but for a blues style, it's really important. Those devices lower the volume and get pretty good tone, but also really compress the sound. The amp doesn't breath the same as it does when pushing real speakers.

 4. i'm from jakarta (Indonesia) , i know you have been concert in jakarta once, even you

 have song called "Jakarta" do you have some memories in there, do you have any musician

 friend or any friend in Jakarta, or do you know some Indonesia Musician?

I don't know any musicians there - but I heard and old melody when I was there and no one knew who wrote it. I don't know if I remembered it perfectly from that day, but it's the pentatonic melody in the song Jakarta.

 5. in some interview you said you like coltrane, but you love shorter more 10x than

 coltrane can i know the reason?

Coltrane was one of the worlds greatest improvisers, but Wayne Shorter is nothing short of a genius, and in my opinion those guys come around every hundred years or so. I say that because of his other-worldly writing ability, as well as his incredible playing. I think he's the one of the best jazz composers in history  -  that's just my opinion but there are a lot of people who would agree. And as far as his playing, he can tell a better story with two notes than most can with a hundred.

 6. what happen with your alder and basswood (blue)ibanez guitar , do you sold it?

Sold them.

 7. what is the best brand for power tubes and pre tubes in your opinion?

I've done a lot of A/B testing on different types of preamp tubes, but I haven't done much testing of different brands. I use the Chinese 12AX7's that I get from Bogner and I don't even know the name of the brand. I have JJ power tubes in my Marshalls and Ruby tubes in my OD100.

 8. my amp only have paralel fx loop , it is true that i can't use delay stompbox, or any any stompbox in the loop because it is paralel, and what the diference between paralel and serial fx loop? which one is better?

I don't recommend using pedals in the loop unless they're designed  to take line level input. A series loop is what's in most amps - it just sends the audio through the effect and back into the amp. A parallel loop is like having a mixer - it runs the dry sound from the send to the return inside the amp while sending another audio signal through your effect, which you set to 100% wet - the dry sound never enters your effect. For tone, that's better because a lot of effects (especially the cheaper ones) can color the tone if the dry sound is run through them. The only problems are - you can't use a volume pedal in the loop, which is where I like to put the volume pedal, and you can only use one effect. In my opinion it's more versatile to use a series loop and a good mixer.

I know you are not so keen on commenting other artists, but we Zappa-freaks have an ongoing discussion on which other great musicians that are Zappa-fans on USENET ( Therefore, I wonder if I could add you to that list? I'd like to know what you think about him as a composer, as well as a guitarist.

I can't really call myself a Zappa fan cause I haven't listened to him a lot, but I definitely like some of his stuff. What I heard of his guitar playing I liked because it was really quirky and weird, and he really had his own style. He was an extremely dedicated and prolific composer - I respect him for the talent and hard work it took to put that kind of intricate music together.

 P.S. The new live album is great and I love your rendition of my favourite Shorter-tune, "Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum". Speaking of great composers, there's a great one! D.S.

I'm definitely a Shorter fan - the music he wrote for Weather Report is some of the best composing ever in my opinion.

 Caj Zell (who will be seeing Scott Henderson live this Saturday in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Can you play "Lola Fay"....pleeeeease?))

Sorry we didn't play that one - we played it a lot at first and found that there wasn't much freedom in it so that we could play it differently every night. Those are the kind of tunes that eventually get dropped from the playlist.

Hey Scott. Any plans to record with the current Scott Kinsey project? I've heard the band with Tavaglione, and I've heard you have sat in from time to time. Any chance of an album one day? Or is it a strictly live "fun" type thing?

Scott's first record will come out soon and I'm on two cuts.

One more question for you. I combed the previous answers and didn't see this asked, but my apologies if it has already been answered:

 What is your absolute favorite Wayne Shorter tune AND album from his 'blue note' recordings in the sixties? Also, have you ever jammed with Wayne in any setting before?

 Thanks Scott!!!

I really don't have a favorite because I love them all. I've never jammed with him.

Ac/Dc or Kizz?

 Who´s your favourite?


Great music , great guitar playing, great answers and great sense of humor!

 you got it all!


Hey Scott

 1) How do you face soundmen who say they can't mic you when your amp volume is set loud? We all know that tube amps need to be cranked...

I can get a good enough tone at a medium volume that doesn't cause a problem for the soundman, but to hear myself well enough I need to use monitors - I bought my own and I carry them on the road with me because the monitors at some venues suck, and I like to have a consistent sound from night to night.

 2) Have you ever thought about writing a biography? Miles Davis did, Zappa did.... I wanna read yours!

Never thought about it until right now - could be a good comedy.

 3) How do you like your new guitar? I've been in Verviers and your tone was incredibly fat. I hope the broken string didn't have anything to do with your new bridge 

I'm digging the maple neck a lot - I'm pretty violent with the bar so the result is the occasional broken string.

 4) Awesome job on Nairobee Express there btw. That one came close to musical orgasm for me.

 Your take on Hendrix' Fire blew me away. Do have any recordings of this one? And would you mind posting it? Come on, it's short, your tone is great anyway. We won't tell anybody. Thanks so much and sorry for the brash questions,

Sorry, no recordings that I know of.

Hey scott where can i get the full Consert u'r doing on the Melodic Phrasing video..?? were did u guys record it? the clips kills !!

Sorry, I don't remember which concert footage was used.

 I wonder if you´r plans to make "the blues band Best of Tab book"..

 or something?

I plan on asking Hal Leonard if they'd like to do a book of the blues stuff since all they've done are my Tribal Tech songs.

hi scott i want to ask you a question do you ever have a problem with amp's or fx's pots

 that dirty and start sounding scratchy , how do you solve a problem? i use contact

 cleaner spray and also WD 40 for removing the dirt and the problem is gone but when i

 rotate the pots it feels so light (free) and not little weight like before


I take my amps to Custom Audio when the pots start doing that. Martin spray cleans them but I never noticed a change in feel - maybe he's using a different cleaner which works better.

Dear Scott

 I realy like the tune "That's the way it goes" from the "Well to the bone" album.

 So my question is how did you programmed your Boss CE-70 in the midle of the song.


It's just a pitch transposer patch - the pitch is set one octave and two octaves down, and the transposed pitches are also delayed.

Hi Scott,

 If I understand correctly, you've replaced your Roger Mayer Voodoo 1 pedal w/ the Xotic RC Booster?

I used to use the combination of a tube screamer and Voodoo for my high gain lead sound, and the Voodoo by itself for my clean sound, but by itself it's kind of bassy - I like the RC Booster more. Also when I started using the SD-9 live, it replaced the tube screamer/Voodoo combination.

Even if I've got that wrong, just wondering if you can draw a comparison between the two for me. I've got a Voodoo 1 on the way based on Landau's rig and yours as well. Are they pretty similar w/ the exception that the RC has more versatile tone controls?

The RC Booster is way more transparent and it's tone controls are really useful.  I keep the treble flat but dial down the bass some.

I've been using an old late '70's early 80's DOD 250 for everything from clean boost to overdrive and I'm hoping I can replace it w/ the Voodoo. Think it'll work?

The DOD 250 is brighter than the Voodoo and in my opinion is a much better pedal when used alone.

Does the RC do a classic sort of OD when it's pushed?

Pretty much - just a great boost with not much coloration.

Hi Scott:
 What do you think about Boogie amps? I'm from Chile and a lot of amp brands are very difficult to see here(Boogie, Soldano, Vht,Matchless, The good Marshalls and Fenders, etc.)
 A lot of reviews talks about the Mark iv like one of the most versatile guitar amps(and very expensive too), a great clean tone and a lot of distortion possibilities.
 A lot of people (including me of course) think and believe that you are a great guitar player with a incredible tone. What kind of amp heads in your opinion could be considered like great sounding and versatile?
 Thank you and keep playing and making music that well.

 Regards, Ignacio Diaz.

I really don't know much about Boogies - I haven't played through one in many years. I used to have a Rectifier head that I thought sounded pretty good. I like the Custom Audio OD100 - that's what I use. I also like old Fenders and Marshalls.

Hi Scott!

 1st off thanks for all the great music! When I 1st heard Dog Party I couldn't believe my ears. The tone & the passion in the playing unreal! Then I got your video & while most of it was quite a bit over my head...the beginning about blues was great & the idea that you didn't really need the notes if you knew the contour was a real mind opener. I still laugh every time I think of the "Ed had sex" thing    Anyway sorry for the rant

 Have you ever considered a song book on your blues for those of us that aren't great at transcribing? I would love to get a book for Dog Party & Tore Down House.

Thanks - I'm now waiting for a reply from Hal Leonard to see if they want to do a blues book.


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