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Scott answers your questions - round 17 - 7/13/05

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2005 1:04 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 17 - 7/13/05 Reply with quote

Just curious to know if you have ever listened to any Eric Dolphy.

Sorry, I know he's really good but I don't have any of his records, only some stuff on cassette a friend gave me.

hey scott, thanks for the huge inspiration. in the phrasing video you have a purple guitar, a purple shirt and purple backround lighting. how did that transpire? was it planned in any way?
thanks, fff

No, I'm not fashion conscious.

Hey Scott,
Was that "your" Thelma Houston on that goofy but amusing TV show "Hit Me Baby One More Time" this past week? She absolutely killed everyone else on the show. Just wondering if that is the same Thelma as on your CD's (I'm assuming it is) and how you hooked up w/ her?
That's all I got. Hey, I ordered my first Suhr and it should be done in early August! Pretty cool eh?
Take care,

That's our Thelma - she's awesome! John Humphrey had done some gigs with her and told me how versatile she is, so I called her for Tore Down House. Most of her tracks on that record are first takes. Thelma rocks!

Hi Scott, gear question.

I just managed to get a Maxon OD-9 (what a great pedal!) and I put it on my pedalboard next to my Maxon SD-9.

Do you feed the OD-9 into the SD-9 or vice versa when you use them together? I seem to notice a volume drop when I engage the SD-9 after the OD-9 and a large volume boost when I do it the other way round.
Seems wierd to me, so how do you go about it? Thanks.

My SD-9 is before the OD-9. Once in a while I turn them both on if I want mega-distortion, and the volume boost is cool for that.

Hey Scott,

1st heard you at the bottom line in NYC with zawinul (immigrant) tour)back in the day . You all were kicking it..great show......
and you had like a 6 foot refrigerator on stage....sounded dope......

Anyways my question pertains to T.V I was a big larry Sanders show
Fan and i swear I saw you sitting in the audience on one episode.
Was I halluicinating or what?..Hey Now!!!!!!

Your Friend
Sub dominic

Hey Now!!! Me and Kinsey were at that taping, and Kinsey's pissed that he didn't make it into the picture - he was sitting right behind Shandling. In the 80's I met Jeffrey Tambor when my band played at a party for the Hill Street Blues cast. He was playing the judge that wore womens clothes. A couple years later when Jean-Luc Ponty played at Universal in LA, Jeff came backstage to meet Jean-Luc - I guess he's a fan. He remembered meeting me at the party and we talked for awhile. When I went to the Sanders show I was sitting pretty close, so on a break I yelled "hey Jeff!" He looked kinda nervous about walking over to some crazed fan, but he remembered me and he was really nice - we gave him an Illicit CD! It was funny that the episode they were taping was the one about the bandleader threatening Hank's job. What an incredible show they had going - me and Kinsey got script books autographed by the whole cast - Hey Now!!! Current favorite episode: when Hank was going to lose the orange juice account if they saw his birthday threesome video.

Hi Scott!

1. Are there any effects, equipment etc. mounted from the back of your rack?

Thanks for answering! Cheers!

Yes I have a Lexicon Jam Man mounted in back. Hey now!! Oh yeah, back to gear...

I see that you prefer the regular output V60lp in the bridge of your Suhr (I do too). Do you also use a bass plate on the bridge pickup?

The bridge pickup is exactly the same as the other two. I'm not even sure what a bass plate is, but if the other pickups have it, the bridge pickup does too.

What kind of fuzz pedal do you use on Song Holy Hall?

It a Fulltone Octafuzz.

A fun thing to do in a band is to swap instruments. Have you ever tried that in Tribal Tech?

Only at every soundcheck. I have a great soundcheck movie from Madrid where I'm playing drums, Kirk's on keys, soundman's on guitar, and Kinsey's the frontman. He calls to the band for a break and sings this great line - "we're goin' to the city today.... then when we get there we'll say.... oooh baby.....oooh baby...
Classic Kinsey lyrics, and he also manages to hit a perfect b9 on baby. That kid's got it.

It's not mentioned enough that you're a fanstastic songwriter. Rituals is one of my favourite tunes ever (the version from Well To The Bone). Was there an inspiration behind that song or any story to it?
Are there any other songs in particular that have an interesting story behind them?

A few of my songs were inspired by actual events but I don't often relate songs, especially instrumentals, to specific experiences. Usually I write the song and then name it later based on what listening back to it makes me feel like. There are some vocal tunes based on real life experiences for sure though. "Dat's Da Way It Go" tells the story of Kirk Covington's failed attempts to get laid in Holland, and I've been in enough bad relationships to be qualified to write "I Hate You". There are many more stories, but I don't know about interesting...

Hi Scott,

Glenn from Australia here again. Been in touch with Simon from Vorticity Music.....but no response yet. I'll keep trying, and let you know what happens. So, no good news I'm afraid.

But....thought you might like this one:

Q: What's the difference between Kenny G and an AK-47?
A: An AK-47 only repeats itself 1000 times a minute.
Cheers, Glenn

I just sent some press stuff to Simon so we're still working on it...

You're standing in a dark alley and being threatened from both sides - on one side is an escaped con with a butcher knife and on the other side is a ferocious pit bull with rabies. You've got a gun but only one bullet.... who do you shoot?

Kenny G

Hi Scott
I just got a Suhr Classic & love it. Bought it due to all the great reviews I see & also because you endorse it.
Having always played Strats the first thing I noticed is how perfect it is & easy to play. In a small way almost too easy & too perfect.
I wondered if you used a RI Fender on Dog Party because of this?
I mean with the Strats you almost have to fight them a bit when digging into the blues. Make them squeel Wink

I love the Suhr & it is a keeper for sure but I was just curious if this is why you used the RI.

Thanks for your music & the help you give here.


PS: Please a book on Dog Party would go a long way to helping us less talented at transcibing Embarassed I love the chords but am not great at finding all the cool chords you use on that album.

I did the Dog Party album before playing Suhr guitars. Actually I didn't get my first Suhr until after Tore Down House, but for that record I used John's pickups on my RI Fender. When I got my first Suhr, it sounded better than my Fender so I sold it. John's guitars ARE perfect, but after I beat up on them for a tour they don't look that way anymore.

I'm talking with Hal Leonard about doing a book of the blues stuff.

Hi Scott,
I'm trying to learn to play "out" and back "in" as tastefully as you and i'm having a bit of trouble with it. I have heard over the years about the vaunted "computer full of licks", and I was wondering where you get these licks from. Are you creating them based off your knowledge of harmony, or getting them from your favorite musicians?

It's both. I've done a lot of transcribing, especially sax players, and from doing that I've learned different finger movements so if I want to play what I've transcribed note for note I can do that, but what's more important is to learn the general shape and use it to come up with your own stuff. Also I've learned different harmonic concepts when I analyze things I transcribe, for instance if I transcribe a line over Cm that includes a B triad, I don't just learn the line, I learn that I can use B triads over Cm to get a certain sound and I try to come up with my own stuff using that idea.

hi scott , i have some question for you
1. i know u use Maxon Sd 9 now for high gain sound but i wonder how do you set up your high gain sound when u use vooodo 1 and ts 9 silver mod (seting of level,gain, tone,vol,drive) and the chain of the fx (like guitar - ts 9-voodoo 1-amp, or vice versa) u answer that in faq but no details.

The TS-9 is first in the chain - volume all the way up, gain around 2 o' clock, and tone at 12 o' clock. Then the Voodoo 1 volume all the way up, gain all the way down and tone at 12 o' clock.

2. do use neck, middle, or bridge pickup when u use ts 9-voodoo 1 high gain sound?

That pedal combination sounds good with any pickup, as opposed to the TS-9 by itself which to me sounds great on the neck pickup but too midrangy on the bridge pickup.

3. i know shorter is one of your most favourite player , do you memorize some of his solo note per note (if yes can you mention 3 of them)or you just like in your video that you didn't like to learn long lines just small licks?

Yes, I like to learn small ideas rather than long lines, just like in language as we learn words and then rearrange them to make up sentences. I've never learned a whole Wayne Shorter solo on guitar, but it would be easy since I have a lot of them memorized from hearing them so many times. For me Wayne is more of a phrasing and creative inspiration than a source for licks.

4. what is the background story u use duncan 59 for so long , who is the player that recomend you?

I don't think anyone did - I just decided to try it and really liked it. Years later, Allan Holdsworth told me they were making one with double screws, probably at Allan's request, and when I tried one I thought it sounded even better for the bridge pickup, but I still liked the regular '59 better on the neck.

5. is michael brecker one of the player that you learn many his solos or licks because my teacher that is former student of you said that you really learn brecker lines but you almost never mention him as one of the musician that very influence you?

I've definitely spent some time transcribing Mr. Brecker, as I'm sure thousands of other musicians have. I'm sure many people would agree with me saying he's one of most brilliant improvisers of our time and a great source for awesome lines, although a lot of what I've transcribed from him is too difficult for me to play. As I said before, the most important thing isn't to play someone else's lines note for note, but to just make your fingers move in ways you wouldn't have thought of and inspire you to create your own lines.

6. what is your opinion about lindy fralin pickup.

I used the Woodstock model on Dog Party. They sound good but they're pretty bright - great for clean blues but not so good for hi-gain playing. I like John Suhr's V-60 LP's way more.

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