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Scott answers your questions - round 24 - 3/13/06

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:27 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 24 - 3/13/06 Reply with quote

Does anyone know who was plaing with Scott Henderson in Salerno(Italy). Kurk was playing drums and there was a bass player I saw once in a concert whit Allan Holldswort but who was that guitar player? Does anyone know? It was about 2001 when the played there. Plese Help. Thanx Andi

That's Pat O'Brien - he played harmonica on Dog Party and Tore Down House, and he'a also a great guitarist.

I am using a POD XT at home and have a guitar port account. I have seen that there are two songs from the rocket science album (space camel and astro chimp) which you can download as a track to play along with. They are very much fun to practice/play along with (especially since you can download them also as -guitar tracks).
Is there any chance that you will submit some older tribal tech songs and/or song from your blues albums to play along with? Since I have already seen that you also use a POD from time to time, is there an amp-setting you like?
Thanks for taking time!

I'd be happy to post some more tracks if the guys at Line 6 ask me to - it's their call. My pod is an old one and I haven't looked at my settings in years.

Can anyone tell me how Scott gets the harmonica/mouth organ sound from his guitar on tracks such as Smelly Ol Dog Blues and Milk Bone from Dog Party?
Is it a specific pedal or something more complicated?
I just love that sound and would love to be able to play with it!
Many thanks.

i see what you mean... i love that sound too!
but before you go to a store with the CD and ask for the pedal that makes that sound, try to play with a real harmonica player... just like scott did with Pat O Brian and you'll get really close to that sound.

Don't forget to plug it into a Fender Champ on 10.

hi scott: what do you think about sad-1 analog arion delay?
thanks a lot for your way to play, and your music really inspiring me!!!
Pablo from Chile...

Thanks Pablo - sorry, I've never heard the sad-1.

Scott, I have a very similar rig and this thing is LOUD!!! When I see you play, the volume is fine. In front of your amp, its not ripping my head off. Where is your amp effects loop return volume at? Mine is at 5 and I cant get my amp past 1 with the gain in ch1 about 7. HELP!! I'm using an OD-100/16ohm 4x12 greenback cab/rocktron/brasdshaw switcher(bypassing buffer in front end) Any ideas? Sounds great but LOUD!!!!!! Keep the GREAT music andf inspiration coming!!

My FX return is on 5 too and the amp volume is 6, but I'm using a volume knob in the loop which is (on average) about halfway up - that's equal to having the volume at around 3.

Hey Scott! I attended GIT in 1990( I was a dready little bastard who would sit in the hall on a skateboard or as I referred( did I spell that right?) to it, my ghetto limo!) and attend as many of your classes as I possible could, but I STANK sooo bad then that I had a bit of trouble digesting some of your concepts! Well I have since elevated myself to just plain `ol SUCK now and would love some input on approaching and applying melodic minor. I know I am insinuating said scale in my playing, but would like to know more about how I heard you imply it!?!?! I have talked to many guitarist over the years who have grasped your knowledge of this concept but seemed hesitant to reveal the "Scott Henderson Secret Melodic Minor Approach". Any help would be appreciated!

My approach to melodic minor isn't anything special - it's just about knowing the modes of the scale and which chords they work over. Do a google search for modes of melodic minor and you'll find all the info you need.

Advertise with us! Hi, I hope it's ok I started this round. I have 2 quick pedal questions. Scott, I have an Ibanez SD 9 I got from ebay and I love it's spongy deep rock tone, but I find that it isn't a loud enough boost for soloing even when maxed (when my clean tone is where I want it- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe) . Could it be defective, or is your Maxon also not real loud? I have it placed before my Seymour Duncan pickup booster (a clean boost) but even at the boosters' lowest setting (6 db I think), then it is too loud. I would prefer not to have to boost it at all (two pedal taps for one sound seems wrong) Do you boost your SD9 with the RC booster, and if so does the RC booster start at "0" boost if need be? Is your booster before or after the SD 9? Also, I have the arion chorus- do you run it in line with your distortions, or thru your loop with delays and reverbs? Thanks for your great ballsy music and choosing to connect with your fans!! Kelly

I use both the SD-9 and the RC with the volume all the way up - the Maxon is about the same volume as the RC in my rig, so I don't think yours is defective. I don't ever run those two together. I use the Arion chorus in front of the amp, after the distortion pedals.

Hi Scott. I was wondering what do you do when you're toruing in the country where the electric voltage is diffrent? Thank you so much.

My agent has a transformer that we take with us in Europe, and when we fly and can't take it (it's really heavy) the venue has to supply one.

Hi Scott:
Do you have any favorite mic pres and compressors for recording guitars in the studio?
Thanks, and keep on kickin' ass and takin' names.

My Studer D-19 sounds great and it has it's own A/D converters, so it's perfect for me since I record into the computer. Neve or API pre's sound great too but if you're going to computer you'll also need a converter - the Apogee 8000 is expensive but it's awesome. The Distressor is the fattest compressor I've heard.

Did you ever remember what analog delay pedal Michael Landau used when mixing your album? Please, I gotsta know.

He used a Way Huge Aqua-Puss.

hi scott : )
i have 2 question
first im very impressed by your ideas in fusion : ) abstract music.
my questions..
# 1 what are you common chord progressions in fusion ?
all i can hear is abstract progressions which i cannot solve.

That's a teaching question - even though there's no answer to it, send money and I'll try.

# 2 what do you do, if you have no ideas (this can be much times) ?
thanks scott! ; )

Listen to someone that does.

hi scott. loooongtime fan. seen you play about seven or eight times, and i promise you there will be more concerts for me as long as you don't stop touring.
when touring overseas, how do you transport your guitar(s)? gigbag in the cabin? any problems with the cabin attendants about that? or do you have some kind of super flight case that even a suhr could feel secure in? i'm asking since i'm living in europe and i'm soon going to cross the ocean to pickup a custom suhr for myself

I have a regular hard case and 99% of the time they let me take it on the plane. If I run into assholes (Air France) and they give me a hard time about it, I let them put it where they transport animals and they hand carry it back to me at the gate.

Hi Scott, thanks for sharing your experience!
What are the worst and the best souvenirs in your musical life?

I never have room in my suitcase for those.

If you were someone like, who plan to buy a Suhr 's Strat, what kind of guitar would you buy, knowing that I love single coil's sound and Blues (Of course equiped with a tremolo)?

Answered before.

Did you try Zvex little amp?If yes, what's your opinion about it?

Needs reverb.

Hi Scott,
I was wondering. Since you are a predominantly blues-y guitarist, have you ever thought about using a fuzz-face or fuzz-type pedal for girth (and if so what types or brands), like Jimi and later on SRV did for their 'dirty' sound. I know that they used their volume knob on the guitar a lot, just to adjust the gain-y-ness of the overall sound, which I like very much.

I use the Sun Face, which is AnalogMan's clone of the Fuzz Face. I also use the ZVex Fuzz Factory.

Do you find that your old Marshalls have 1) TONS of midrange and 2) Kind of Farty Bass? (I've got a 100w '71 Superlead)

Yes, on my plexi the bass knob is on 0 (there's still tons of bass) and the mid on 3 or 4.

Heard lots of good things about a pedal called the "Zendrive". Apparently Robben Ford uses one with his rig. Just wondering if you have heard one??
Take care man,

Sorry, never heard one.

Hi Scott,
I have read on one of the forums that you have tested Don Ramseys new tremolo. Would you be willing to share your thoughts about it?

It's made really well and stays in tune really well, but it does have a different tone - I like the tone of the vintage Fender bridge more than I like the guitar staying in perfect tune.

are there any written chords for the tune "formula one"


How come you never sign up for mr. olympia?

What the hell is that?

Hello Scott I've got a question about your moded marshall I've got Super Lead from 68 with some mods made by myself. Could you write how your crunch mod works, how to make it ?
Thanks a lot. Martin.

I just play amps, I can't build them. That's a question for John Suhr.


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PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2006 10:23 am    Post subject: helow sir Reply with quote

wow its been a pleasure....... heheh. mr. scot ue phrasing is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! definetly the greatest chick Corea's guitarist.......... u blown my head.......... i hope to be like u in the future!... ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!.......................
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