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Scott answers your questions - round 27 - 6/4/06

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2006 12:45 am    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 27 - 6/4/06 Reply with quote

I'm henry from spain(barcelona). I've got a question for you: I always transcrived songs by ear without write the notes,chords and rithms, but since I go to a music school I've been learning the music vocabulary. Now I want to write all these things but I don't know how to begin with.
What process do you use to transcrive a song? What's the first thing you do?
Chords, melody/lines?Chord-scale relation?
Thanks scott, and thanks for your music!!!

Answered in earlier posts - your teachers at school should be able to help you with that more than I could in this forum.

Hi scott, I'm David..have you ever heard or/ tried the T-REX pedals? in Particular the dr. Swamp or the Mudhoney overdrive? I've a classic Ts.9 but it makes my sound with not much bass frequences, and a little flat...
I have also the Xotic Rc booster.. What overdrive pedal could you advice me to put near the booster? and could I send you via mail my new record for some opinions? thanks a lot.. You are the number 1..

I use the Tube Screamer mainly for chords since it does take some bass away. A better pedal for solos is the new version of the Xotic BB (with the light on top). I've never tried the T-Rex pedals. You can send your record to me c/o MI in Hollywood.

Hi scott, I'm Andrea from Italy
In one interview of yours I have read that you prefer to use the pedals rather than the pre of the amplifier as it regards the distorted sounds..
Do the heading OD 100 use it on the clean channel then only?

No, I use channel 2 with pedals. Bright switch on, no boost.

Another curiosity was born during your clinic in Rome, you were connected to a combo fender deluxe and you have succeeded in getting a big sound (what surely you have you in your hands)...
despite the selector you regulated to the bridge, you succeeded in getting a sound with little acute, to such intention I wondered me if you decrease the tones of the guitar.

Yes, I turn down the tone on the treble pickup to about 3.

the last curiosity concern what has said some varnish behind the bridge of Fender guitars: You have said that that whole varnish prevents the low frequencies to play, and you has advised to raise that varnish....
Do you report yourself to the part of the guitar that is under the rubber bands of the bridge???

I thank so much you
it excuses my bad English

Yeah it's bad - but better than my Italian. The block is the part of the bridge that the strings go into. To take it off, you have to loosen the saddles and take out the 3 screws that hold the block to the plate. You can take the paint off the block by dropping it into paint remover for a couple hours, or just use an electric drill with a nylon paint remover disk.

hello Scott
here is Elisa from Italy
Know something about your experience about guitars built up with J Suhr so I wanted to ask what do you think about ash bodies
I have got a Manne guitar (italian handmade) made of a very heavy ash, with carbon fretboard, wilkinson bridge not far from this one
I think it's sound has not so much body, I mean it lacks of mid-low ferq but has a good strat sound.
do you think it could work well with strat pickups and do you know some with a strong sound, not thin but kind of fat strat sound, since I definitely don't like the mini-humbucker sound neither the "double coil" pickup I put in the neck position? may be that your favourite V60 fit it and my needs?

My first strat was ash and it was also very heavy. In my opinion light strats sound better - heavy ones usually sound thin. But better pickups will definitely help - the fattest and best overall strat pickup is the Suhr V60 LP.

Oh the live 2005 cd is wanderful and the best sounds I've ever heard, expecially guitar and bass sounds from a live record.
I love how did you play "Jakarta" and in "Nairobe express" I wanted to ask what did you put between guitar and amp when you play alone with the bass (how great!) before the drum solo, I find it wanderful thank you for being so nice, and for your music that is helping me to keep away my mind from my lovesickness.

Just channel your lovesickness into your guitar and you'll play great blues solos! That sound is from the Boss SE-70 - it's a pitch transposer down an octave with a delay on the transposed note. The SE-70 is an old FX unit but it does a lot of cool stuff and you can find them pretty cheap on eBay.

Is there any chance of a bluesband tour of the states in the near future?
Any chance of a bluesband live DVD? When can we expect a new record?
Thanks for being you!~

No live DVD's planned, but I'm writing now for a new record and hope to have enough music by the end of the year. Sorry, no US tour in the near future - gas prices and expenses in general outweigh the fees that clubs in the US are offering. Sadly we're at the point where in order to tour the US we'd have to rent a car instead of a van, rent cheap gear at each venue, and share one room at Motel 6. Nothing against Motel 6, but I want my own room. And when I say cheap gear I mean whatever the club owner rents - that's usually one of the two worst amps in history, the infamous Roland Jazz Chorus or The Twin. That's the one with the red knobs - if you've ever played through one, you know why I don't want to tour in the states. The only way to do a US tour with our own gear is with huge support from the record label, so when my next record comes out we'll see if we can make it happen.

Hi again Scott
I am always Andrea

Cool. I'm always Scott.

One my friend says to have seen one evening of yours in which you played a stratocaster...
Perhaps him mind? in the case in which this was true I wanted to ask you of what model he treated.
Do you possess some stratocasters or have you used of it?? if him which models???
thanks still; -)

I don't own any Fender guitars. My guitars are made by John Suhr. (

Hello Scott, me again..
thank you for the new section (or did I notice it only now?) about your gear on your website, I found it precious. I have a hint to ask you. I learnt there that your stompboxes are all wired to a big foot controller, lots of meters of cable so I wanted to ask you from you experience how a jack must be to be good, or not to affect or lower the sound.

I use a buffer, which is a little circuit that takes out the capacitance from the signal. Without the buffer there would be a loss of tone because of all that cable. The buffer is built into the pedal looper, after the distortion pedals.

aah anohter question. your bridge is set like tramolo ( only moving down) or is it floating?

It's floating - I can pull the G string up a major third.

I contacted warner about getting copies of the REH vids and this was the response I got:

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your recent e-mail. Unfortunately both videos are permanently out
of print. You may be able to find additional copies through local or national
distributors. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have
any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail at, or by calling 818-892-2452.


Chris Ing
Alfred Customer Service
Experience the Joy of Making Music!

If you have any ideas, it'd be greatly appreciated.....

That kinda sucks - I should put them on DVD and sell them myself.

Hi Scott !
I heard you don't really teach at GIT anymore, but you do "open counseling".
Can you discribe in a few sentences what is going on there ? Is it something like a grouplesson or ... ??
I thought of moving to L.A. to learn from you at GIT, because I appreciate your approach to music. It would be good to know for me. ... 'cause it would cost me a lot of money :-/
greetings from germany
P.S.: I was a student of "Jaap Berends". You remember him ?

I'm not so good with names - sorry. Open counseling has always been my job at GIT. It's a group lesson, but not not like a class. Students can come and go when they want and they can play or just hang out and listen. There's no lesson plan from me, the students just take turns playing and asking questions. Some guys can play through changes and they want to play standards and some just want to play blues. I bring a sequencer that has lots of tunes in it and we pretty much just jam all day. A lot of students tape the session and transcribe stuff, or come in the next day to ask me why I played this or that (sometimes I have no idea). It's a pretty cool environment that's more intimate and less formal than a class - when I was a GIT student in 1980, Joe Diorio's open counseling was my favorite place to hang out.

Hi! Can i know which pickup you used (neck or bridge) to record the song Worlds Waiting from the album Reality Check? What scale is the solo? Thanks!

First part is the neck pickup, the faster solo later is the treble pickup. That solo is over changes - I don't think in terms of scales when playing over changes as much as just trying to find melodies using chord tones.

hello Scott
just a question for my studying. I'd like to learn to play a blues in jazz style, know you can do it so good. I think I'd need to learn to play following the chords and not all by hear (a very good hear is not enough for certain stuff)

1)do you think it's better thinking the positions or the notes' name?

Definitely by the note's name. Positions are a trap that become hard to escape from. Think of the guitar as six pianos and learn the chord tones of each chord up and down each string. Do that for a year and you'll be light years ahead of the poor people who think only in positions.

2)do you know any good book to follow or the name of any song to get started? or some good exercise?

I don't know of any books - sorry. Here are two exercises - pick any set of chord changes from the real book or wherever. Exercise 1 - pick any string and start from around the first fret. Play a chord tone for the first chord, and for the next chord, move up the string to the next chord tone. Continue like this through the tune all the way to the end of the neck and back. Exercise 2 - pick any chord tone on any string for the first chord. For the next chord, decide if you're already on a chord tone for that chord. If you are, you can stay there - if you're not, move to the closest one. Continue this through the tune.

how do you tune/intonate your guitar with a floating bridge? i find it very hard to intonate mine with a floating bridge, im always a few cents sharp...

I don't have that problem. I play a note on the 2nd fret and compare it to a note on the 14th fret and adjust the saddle until it's right. The only time it wouldn't intonate properly was in the case of a bad string. If you move the saddle all the way one way or the other and it still won't intonate, your bridge wasn't put on right.

Hey again Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.
1. What's the likelyhood of you and Willis recording something together again? You were such a great groovin' team.

If he came to LA for long enough, but he's happy in Barcelona. We hung out when I played there last month with the trio.

2. What wah pedal do you use? Have you tried the Fulltone Clyde wah's and if so, what's your verdict?

I have a Vox and a Moollon, both modded by Martin at Custom Audio. I tried the Clyde and thought it sounded great for clean sounds, but thin with distortion.

3. Have you tried any vibe pedals that you would recommend? Or does the Arion Chorus give a better vibe sound than most of the vibe pedals?

No, The Arion is more of an imitation rotating Leslie sound. The vibe pedal I like the most is the Sweet Sound Mojo Vibe.

Hi Scott,
I own a Mesa/Boogie Quad Preamp and a Stereo 295. I have two Lexcon digital signal processors. I have two 2x12 Mesa cabs with Celestions in them. They are not the Greenback 25's. (Would that help the sound?)I don't own a Suhr guitar, yet. My main guitar has an alder body, maple neck w/pau ferro fret board. The guitar also has a Floyd Rose on it. I know you used to play through a Mesa Quad and 295. What did you like about this rig? Dislike?(Besides the weight!) and would I be able to get closer to your tone using a strat with single coils? I understand you use the Exotic pedals now, saw the video clip online. Sounds great. The noiseless single coil system sounded great. Would those pedals help improve the sound of the Quad? Do you remember how you used to set the Quad and 295, approximately? Did you use the 295 in the EL34 configuration or with the EL34's and 6L6's together? I attended GIT with you and have been a fan for many years. Thanks for taking the time to read and answer my questions. Would you ever play in Salt Lake City?
Warm Regards

It's been over 15 years since I had the Boogie gear - I don't remember anything about it, other than using it on the record "Tribal Tech". To me those tones sound pretty thin compared to my tone now. I don't know if a good pedal would make the Quad sound better until trying it, but I'm pretty sure you'd like Greenbacks better than the standard 75 watt Celestions.

Dear Scott Im Fanny from Barcelona .I want to send an picture we made in Biquini last may.Glad meet you again after 12 year admiration your music.Hope see you soon in Barcelona and make us feel you energy.
Thank soo much monster

You can send it to It's always great to play in Barcelona and we really liked the Sala Bikini club. Well, we knew we'd like it just by the name.

Hi Scott,
I am curious to know what were the pick ups and configurations you used in your Charvel Strat (Chick Corea era) and your Ibanez (the one used in your instructional videos). Also, is that Ibanez model still available somewhere?

That Ibanez was never available anywhere, that's why I left. I talked about that in more detail in a previous post. Back then I always used Seymour Duncan double-screw 59's and my guitars were hum/single/hum.

In recent gig pictures, it seems that you dropped the RC booster & Maxon SD-9 and favored the BB preamp, Mollon's Lotus Octah & Vintage Wah together with Zvex Fuzz Factory and Arion Chorus...

You saw a picture of my pedal board that I use with the Kinsey band (instead of the Bradshaw rig). I use the BB live now in both rigs, but the Lotus is smaller than the Octafuzz so I use it on my pedal board. I don't need the RC or Tube Screamer on Kinsey's gig.

Hey Scott,

How do you feel your playing has elvolved in the last 20 years?

I don't know that it's evolved - I just hope it's gotten better.

How do you think your playing will elvolve in 10 years?

Well, I just hope to be an old guy still playing his ass off like Joe Zawinul or Jeff Beck.

Hi Scott.
What do you think about Fender single coil pickups? (the new ones like 57/62) There are much difference with your v60? any other brand or model to recomend us?

I haven't heard any new Fender pickups, but I doubt very seriously that they sound as good as V60's.

A lot of fusion players used to use a lot of Mesa Boogie rack gear in the past like Gambale, Holdsworth and you to name a few.In your case, do you like the Mesa sound? instead of rack gear, do you like some Boogie heads?

Back then it was supposedly hip to have a stereo rig, and that's the only reason I can think of to use rack preamps and power amps. Heads usually sound much better. I had a Boogie Rectifier that was OK, but in general I don't like Boogie amps that much - I like old Marshalls and Fenders.

Have you ever tried Eminence speakers?, I've heard good things about them, especially the greenback version.
I've never tried them.

Is any Southamerican tour comming?
Ignacio from CHILE...

I'm working on something for the fall, but it kind of depends on what I get in Argentina and Brazil since that's where the majority of the gigs are.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:25 pm    Post subject: thank You for your teaching.. Reply with quote

hi Scott, back in 1989 i came from italy to MI and really just lived in your open counseling's room as many others.the first time i played with you was a and your goddamn drum machine... .You were telling me "you rush man!" "don't rush!",you told me that for a long time... ext. thanks for that! in that school there were a lot of "sounds good man!" teachers (not all though..).you were definetly not one of'em.
now i'm married to a nice american girl (we met each other again in montalcino tuscany some years ago at one of your outstanding gigs) we live here close to florence (country side,dogs,cats, barbeques) (why don't you come that often here,tell patrizio!!florence is good!)and i'm happy with my playing (but still practicing..)and this is due to three guys back there in 1989:joe diorio,peter sprague and of course you.
i will ask you some technical questions another time....
today is just: thanks!
you've been a tough master teacher.
good for me.good for others.
alessandro from florence italy.
talking about technical questions:
do you prefer the family guy or the simpsons?
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

hi, scott , there are some recording with de amazing kinsey band for purchase? Pablo from chile
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