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Scott answers your questions - round 28 - 7/10/06

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 4:47 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 28 - 7/10/06 Reply with quote

hi Scott, back in 1989 i came from italy to MI and really just lived in your open counseling's room as many others.the first time i played with you was a and your goddamn drum machine... .You were telling me "you rush man!" "don't rush!",you told me that for a long time... ext. thanks for that! in that school there were a lot of "sounds good man!" teachers (not all though..).you were definetly not one of'em.

now i'm married to a nice american girl (we met each other again in montalcino tuscany some years ago at one of your outstanding gigs) we live here close to florence (country side,dogs,cats, barbeques) (why don't you come that often here,tell patrizio!!florence is good!)and i'm happy with my playing (but still practicing..)and this is due to three guys back there in 1989:joe diorio,peter sprague and of course you.
i will ask you some technical questions another time....
today is just: thanks!
you've been a tough master teacher.
good for me.good for others.
alessandro from florence italy.

Thanks Alessandro!

talking about technical questions:
do you prefer the family guy or the simpsons?

Simpsons, but I love Family Guy too. Check this out.

hi, scott , there are some recording with de amazing kinsey band for purchase? Pablo from chile

Scott's album has been finished for awhile now and he's working out some details with the label that's releasing it. Hopefully it'll be out soon.

Hi Scott, I write You from Italy. I would like to know the chart of chord of your beautiful "Rituals" on your "Welcome to Bone", if it's possible. Thanks.

That tune is in one of my songbooks available through Hal Leonard Publishing.

Hi there, new to the forum. I just picked up the LIVE! album last weekend and DAMN it's awesome! I especially like Sultan's Boogie and Lady P, outstanding.

Anyhow, I have a few of questions about the tunes on the LIVE! album:

1. What effect(s) were you using on Jakarta? (for melody part right after the intro and the ending)
2. Right after the drum solo in Nairobe Express, what effect are you using?

All those sounds are from the Boss SE-70. On Jakarta, a modulated pitch transposer up an octave which sounds like bells/steel drums, and at the end a four voice pitch transposer making a sus chord. On Nairobe, a ring modulator.

One question about John Humphrey, if you know the answer - that wah like effect on his bass solo in Nairobe Express, what the heck is that?! It kind of sounds like a Tychobrahe Parapedal to my ears.

I think it's one of those Boss multi-effect floor pedals for bass.

Have you tried the Lovepedal COT50? I think it really outshines the RC booster in terms of mid gain sounds. I think you would sound awesome with it.

Yes I just got one and I love it. It has a really nice smooth mid tone, not as scooped as the RC Booster. The COT sounds amazing with my Fender, but I still also like the RC with my Marshall.

Hi Scott,
Great how you cope with all the hilarious "english" you have to deal with. I really lough a lot just reading the questions coming from Italy ! Have you ever played a Fuchs amp like the ODS 100 ? If so how does it compare to the OD 100 classic by Suhr ? ( I seriously attempt to buy one of these two amps but it's hard to compare them in Germany since nobody has both ). Peace, Tim

I don't know anything about Fuchs amps - sorry.

Hi Scott
What's matt garrison like?
How's it like playing with him?

He's a great guy and really easy to work with. We had a lot of fun playing with him on Kinsey's tour. He's got monster chops, great feel, and a very sophisticated sense of harmony, plus he's really into sounds and tone. We're all looking forward to playing with him again in the fall.

Hi Scott!
I kinda dig Joe Bonamassa and his bluesy-rock style.
Ever heard of him?
p.s. my English is up to par, I hope?

I just got his new album - Joe is awesome. I like his writing and he sings and plays his ass off. After hearing the first note on his record, you can tell this guy knows about guitar tone.

hi, scott you are my guitar hero, you have the emotion of jimmy hendrix and musicality of jeff beck, and complex harmony like the master joe zawinul. thanks for your music, regards pablo.
please come to chile soon!!!

[quote] Thanks Pablo! [quote]

Hey Scott! I`m Jb from Argentina....
You must be tired of reading this, but when i frist heard Dog Pary i was like "Fuck men, in what kind of drugs is this guy to play like this, cause i want to takeŽem!!" ... seriously, it`s incredible how you mixed your musical background and jazz hamony stuff with blues, you took it into another level, in my personal opinion better than Page and Beck(no disrespect for these guys!). And your playing, tone and phrasing are truly inspiring...
I`ve been through the 27 rounds! exausting, but great info!, and you mentioned Luis Salinas! i`ve heard the story of you playing with him.. awesome!!! what can you say about that? do you remember?

Thanks JB - yeah I remember jamming with Luis at a club in Buenos Aires. We played a whole set together and he was amazing. I had only heard him do his hollow body solo jazz guitar thing, which he's a genius at, but that night he was playing a solid body with distortion and killing! Great tone and really creative ideas - he's a monster player.

WeŽre hoping to see you this year in Buenos Aires with Kirk and John playing! any chances? or next year maybe?

We're working on it but we're not sure when it'll happen - South America is a bit complicated because there's no agent that books everything. I have to deal individually with promoters in each country and right now that's already over ten, but Brazil is interested and if I get that confirmed then I'll start working with our guy in Argentina next. Hopefully there will be a SA tour this fall or early next year.

I found hilarious your comments about Kenny G, i read them all, but i still can`t understand why you hate him so much! besides his mediocre music, playing and the hendrix stuff, you don`t even met him... So, what`s the big deal about him!?

No big deal, he's just a mediocre musician making really comical music and disrespecting great legends of jazz by jamming with them after they're dead. Other than that, he's probably a great guy.

Help me choose One! Voodoo Sparkle Lab, TS 808, Ts 9 or Maxon SD9? i want a vintage blues sound and i don`t know wich fits better! or do you think something else?

Maxon SD9

I have a Fender Stratocaster(Japan Silver Series, Maple, 0.11 tuned in E, 1991) wich needs a change of tuners, what do you think...Sperzel locking tuners or Fender Vintage? i donŽt use the tremolo bar that much, and i like the look of the vintage, but they are as good as the Sperzel?

My friend and I borrowed a neck from John Suhr which was fitted for both Sperzels and Klusons, because I was hearing a lot of talk from vintage guitar guys saying how the Klusons are the original strat tone and don't use anything else blah blah blah. So being a Sperzel user for the last 15 years (to stay in tune better and change strings easier), I decided to finally hear the difference for myself. Tone being the most important issue for me, I was afraid the Klusons would sound better and I'd be changing all my guitars, but I liked the sound of the Sperzels MUCH better. The Sperzel notes were undeniably fatter, and had more bass, probably because the Sperzels add a little more mass to the headstock, which I think is a good thing. Actually we weighed the Sperzels and Klusons and the Sperzels were only a tiny bit heavier.

What do you think about the BOSS BLues Drive?

I have one - it's extremely scooped, but useful for some stuff.

I love songs like I Hate You, Tore Down the House or Dog Party! Do you wirte the Lyrics also?

Yes, it's my fault. I deserve whatever punishment I get.

And Last, but not least... What about Cats!? do you like them? or just a strict dog lover?

I like Pinky The Cat

Thanx men for taking time to read all the stupid cuestions... and answer them!
You Rock Dude!

Hi Scott.
What do you think about Allan Holdsworth?... Have you ever jammed with him?...Do you like his music?

Allan's a great musician - we've never played together. I dig a lot of the harmony he comes up with, though odd time signatures and meter changes aren't really my thing. I'm kind of a dumb guy that likes to tap my foot in 4/4.

Do you like the digital stuff he's using now?...

Not for me, but it works really well for him - he gets great sounds from his gear. I constantly change my picking from soft to hard so I need amps that breath - only tube amps can do that.

Any plans to do music with him?...

In earlier posts I talked about why I haven't done albums with other guitarists.

Thanks to take the time to share with us...
Ignacio, Chile.

Hi Scott,
What a great night down in San Pedro.... seems like you enjoyed playing out of Studio City for a change. I talked to you and promised I would send my photos. Like to send them off to you. Any chance you will be at MI next Monday or Tuesday? It would be fantastic to sit in that kind of intimate setting studying or getting ideas on approaching the guitar the way you have.

Glad you dug the show - MI is on break until after July 4. I'll be there on 10, 11, 17, 18, and then I'm on tour for three weeks in Europe. For you and anyone else in LA or visiting, you're always welcome to come to MI as a guest and hang out in my open counseling on Monday or Tuesday. You can only get away with doing it once though, or they'll sic the MI security dudes on you.

Hi Scott,
in one of your previous posts you say that you set the intonation of each strings comparing the notes at 2' fret with the notes at 14'.
I've always compared the open string with the 12' fret.
Why do you use this technique?That's because your guitar is equipped with the Buzz Feiten tuning system?
Thank you, and see you this summer in Italy!!!
(How i miss your open counselings...)

It doesn't have anything to do with the Buzz Feiten system. It's just more accurate because when playing an open string, the string doesn't move. When you play a fretted note at the low end of the neck, you're moving the string down to the fret just like when playing a note an octave higher.

Scott, It's in the rumor mill that you are coming to San Francisco in a few months. Is this true? You also might want to check out the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz. Robben Ford brought his band there last month, as did Larry Carlton. I think people would come.

I'm talking with a promoter in San Francisco and I hope it happens. I've played at Kuumbwa with Zawinul - I remember the manager coming up and telling Joe that the music was too loud. What a fucking idiot. We played louder the second set. Interesting club though - lots of earth mamas in granny dresses as I remember.

how many dogs do you currently have now? LOL

P-dog, Frog, and Duke

Hi Scott!
I'm a budding guitarist and I read about how you said that one could think of the guitar as six pianos and learn the chord tones up and down each string. I'm trying to practice that as much as I can but the problem is I can't come up with grooves or chord progressions to which I can practice it with. How do you make/come up with chord progressions? Should I learn alot of different scales as well and do you think that helps making chord progressions?
Thank you for taking your time! You rule!
David, Sweden.

For practicing, just buy a real book and use those tunes - some of them are really cool. I don't think learning a lot of scales is that important for coming up with your own chord progressions. I learned to write my first chord progressions by studying my favorite tunes from the real book to see which intervals were used over each chord for the melody, and how the chords moved in general. These days any chord can move to any chord, so you just have to decide what you like and what you don't. The general rule is - if it sounds good, it is good.

hey Scott, I was wondering how important you think a metranome is for developing rhythm. I was thinking that maybe just going by feel would be better so i dont sound like a robot or a machine. Your thoughts?

Metronomes are boring - drum machines are much better, or even better yet, a little sequencer like the Yamaha QY series. I can't stress enough how important it is for young musicians to always practice with drum machines. It won't make you sound like a robot, it'll just improve your time and make practicing more fun.

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