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Scott answers your questions - round 32 - 11/21/06

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 21, 2006 10:17 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 32 - 11/21/06 Reply with quote

Hey Scott,
You've said a couple times in the last few rounds of questions that your sight reading isn't what you'd like it to be. In my opinion, making your guitar and amp sound soulful and playing cool lines is more important than reading chops, but it truly all depends on what path you want to take with the instrument. My question is was there a time when your sight reading was perfected? Because I've listened to all the Tribal Tech cd's and there are some wild melodies, sometimes with you, Kinsey and Willis playing in unison. A perfect example is on the track "Signal Path" when you and I think Dave Goldblatt played in unison on the one chord vamp section. Also, when you and Gary played the melody in the opening of "Salt Lick." Thanks Scott!

My sight reading is terrible and it always has been. I don't write guitar charts for my own tunes since I memorize the music before rehearsal.

Hi Scott,
My wife and I just got back from our first visit to LA. Missed you at La Ve Lee Club by one day (bugger) and then attempted to sneak into your open counselling at MI only to discover that the security guard at the front desk forgot to bring his sense of humor to work. (again, bugger)
However, we both loved LA so much that in a year from now we're going to move there

I teach guitar and was wondering if you have any amusing anecdotes relating to questions students may have asked you?

A student asked me what's the most popular major scale used in jazz... I said Bb.

And a quick gear question:
Which of the uni-vibe/leslie speaker type effects do you prefer?
Have you tried the Voodoo Lab Micro-Vibe?
As always, thanks for answering our questions and I'll look forward to seeing you play in LA next year.

For the Leslie imitation I use the Arion chorus, and I use a Black Cat vibe. I haven't heard the Micro-Vibe.

Hi Scott!!!
Man all the stuff you're doing is greate I'd like to thank You for that, and I'd like to ask You about Your tour - do you plan to come to Europe (I'm from Poland) in future?
We're touring in Europe in March/April 2007. I don't know if we'll play in Poland yet, but check my website in the next few months for tour dates.

Hi Scott, here's a couple or four for ya - huge thanks for taking the time to answer!
1. Have you tried any of the Lovepedals (COT 50, Eternity, et) - if so, impressions?

[quote] I have a COT 50 that I really like. It's EQ'd really nice and has a very smooth midrange.

2. Also wondering if you've tried the Suhr Badger amp and what you think of it?

I heard it at John's and really liked it but I haven't taken one home to mic it up and compare it to my other amps.

3. What kind of patch cables do you use between your pedals?

Mogami 2524.

4. When is your next album coming out? Will it be all studio?

I have a grand total of three new tunes, but I'm working hard on writing more. Hopefully we'll record in 2007.

Hi Scott! Excuse my English because I´m a 19 years old boy from Germany...

First of all I want to thank you for your inspiring music!

1) How was the Cliff Cultreri Show like? Never thought you´d play with guys like Vai and Satriani

Yeah we play different styles for sure, but it was a great vibe there and it was about raising money for Cliff.

2) Will the show be released someday?

I don't know.

3) Found a review of the event - know you will like that quote : "Shredder Scott Henderson added his signature licks to "House Full of Bullets"

Wow dude, I'm a shredder now!

4) Did you play well over changes before GIT and how important was studying compared to transcribing stuff?
Hope you will play in Eastern Germany someday.

I could barely play over changes in those days. Transcribing will always win hands down over music school. I'm not saying anything bad about music schools, I teach at one, but who do you think the better player is, your music teacher or John Coltrane?

i have a single coil suhr v60lp. please recomment the value capacitor and resistor should i install the volume kit and tone? i like tone the suhr guitar model Scott Henderson. it a good tone for me
I use the standard .022 cap for the tone with single coil pickups. I don't like caps and resistors on the volume - I think it sounds weird. If you use a short cable to your first pedal, you don't need that crap in your guitar. If you use a long cable, then it's gonna get dark when you turn down - putting a cap and resistor in there will fix that, but it'll make the guitar sound pretty cheesy. Fender never put that stuff in their old strats.

Scott, I enjoyed your song "Smelly ol dog blues". I was wondering - do you have any cats ?

No, but I don't hate em. My dogs do though.

Also, are you familiar with Jimi's version of "Blue Suede Shoes" ? I think it would make a great cover for you:

1. You would be covering Elvis and Jimi at the same time.
2. It would be a cover of a cover of a cover (counting Carl Perkins).
3. To be true to Jimi's version, you should throw in an Elvis impersonation, like he does.
4. He uses a #9 on the IV chord, might be some interesting harmonic possibilities.

Mail this one to Kirk Covington, or Kirk Covertune as we call him. He's the cover specialist, and if you ask him nice, maybe he'll wear his tux.

just wanna say hi! i'm new at the forum. I've seen all scott's shows in here since day 1. i'm fun #1 in here. I build/design tube amps, guitars, fxs, and wind pickups. Always in the quest for tone.
Scott...see you here on november, 19th man!. Do you need anything special for the gig?. A real 4x12 maybe... . Let me know, i can get lots of stuff in here. i have a gift for you...i'll be at the airport, and maybe at sound check, so we can talk.
Thanks for coming here. see you soon!
Thanks! Yes I would really appreciate a good 4x12 with Greenbacks instead of those awful speakers in the regular Marshall cabinets. See you soon!

Hi scott,

I'm trying to improve on my blues playing and go farder.
I only use major/minor pentatonics and mixolidian mode. Can you tell other scales that I can use?
Any idea to play out in a blues context?
Thank's for your time and for your last advice, that helped me a lot!!!

When I play blues I pretty much stick to the blues vocabulary because I think jazz stuff sounds out of place. Sometimes I play blues progressions with other changes, like using the ii chord or the vi chord, or like my song Dolemite, which uses a bvii chord instead of the V, and then jazz lines don't sound out of context.

any thoughts on volume pedals? in my opinion a important part of guitar playing. morley, boss, ernie ball?

I use the Boss FV500L in the effects loop so I can control the volume without changing the gain.

do you listen to music that don´t have a metric time? free jazz, avant garde etc...

Not much.

Have you heard Mike Landaus latest album?
any thoughts compared to his 2000 album?

[quote] Yes, it's really good. I like the tone on this one better because he's using 12" speakers instead of the Kendrick Blackframe 10" speakers. There's a blues on this one (I think it might be a Robben Ford tune) that just kills! Mike is such a great player - in my opinion he's the closest thing we have to Jimi Hendrix. It's as if Jimi had lived and learned all this sophisticated music. Amazing.

Candy coloured guitars... Jeff Beck used surf green for a decade, he does not sound too bad...
Looking foreward to your next album!

Surf green is not a candy color. A candy color is when they first spray a coat of metallic paint, usually silver or gold, and then spray a see-through coat of color over it. That's why I don't think it's the best for tone since it's an extra layer of paint.

Hey Scott!!. what would you like to have in a new distortion pedal, if you were about to change your gig setup?. more distortion?. more touch responsiveness? better dynamics just from the pick/volume?. better harmonics?. marshall tone (some scoop)?. sort of a dumble od sound??. or maybe an old marshall crunch for gigs without the real amp??. I'm a designer...keep that in mind...thanks!!

I'm pretty happy with my Maxon SD-9. I'm always open to try new pedals but after comparing MANY of them to the SD-9, I always stay with it. (and so does Mike Landau)

1st off I'd like to ask you about fret ware. How often do you have your guitars refretted? I'm sure I don't practice anywhere near as much as you do, and it seems that the Ibanez that I have needs frets about every 2-3 years. Am I getting cheap steel or something like that? It's an off the shelf S470.

Every 2-3 years sounds about right to me. I think I wear out my frets even faster cause I play a lot.

2nd. It seems that once you got your first Suhr you used far more tremolo bar articulation in your playing, overall. Is that because the Suhrs stay in tune better, thus allowing you to get wackier with some of those incredibly cool articulations. Or is it that you got bored of what all your fingers can do? Combo of both? Is this a bogus observation? It just seems like you hardly ever let go of that thing any more, whereas in the past it wasn't quite as frequent. Here and there mostly dive bombs, and the like.
Thanks for being so accessible to us impudent young upstarts. (I'm 38, and have been playing for 24 years.)

It's a combo of both. I've got my bridge tweaked pretty good so it stays in tune way better than in the before Suhr days. I'm really into slide guitar so I've just been trying to get better at that type of phrasing in the last few years.

Hi Scott!

Any upcoming gigs in Sweden with the trio?
Also, are you currently working on a new solo album? Any thoughts on a preliminary release date?
Thanks! Hope to see you in Sweden soon!

I have some new music but not enough for an album yet - hopefully we'll record sometime in 2007. We're touring Europe again in March/April and I'm sure there will be some gigs in Sweden.

I have a black fender american strat made in 05 or 06. What's the best way to determine if it's Alder or Ash or Ply

That's a good question - sorry but I have no idea. E-mail John Suhr, I'm sure he'll know.

Swapped the stock american pups with V60LP's..check..Stripped the block of grey paint and now magnets stick to it..check..Maxon SD-9(analogman) guitar still sounds about average. How do you recommend I set my Fender Blues Deluxe for a more transparent spanky bell-like tone you get?
How close to the strings do you have each of your pups?

Sorry I don't know that amp well enough to help you. My treble pickup is really high, almost up to the strings. The neck is really low and the middle is halfway between the bridge and neck.

Heey Scott,
first off i want to say that you are one of my favourite players, an amazing guitarist.
I have a few questions:

I've read that john suhr made a new amp for you, branded with the Suhr logo, in what way is it different from a OD-100?

It's basically just channel 2 of the OD-100 Classic, but the layout is vintage Marshall.

Have you heard Guthrie Govan and what do you think of him?

In your opinion, what's the best vibe pedal on the market?

Guthrie is amazing. He's got more chops than just about anyone, and he uses them in a musical way. To be honest, that kind of music doesn't appeal to me very much, but I respect those virtuoso guys who can do it, and he's probably the best of them.

Are you planning to make a more fusion orientated record in the near future? I think that will totally rock!

No more vocals on my records. So you'll get your wish.

Hey scott.. Jb from argentina again...!

A week ago i bought ticketes for the two shows in Buenos Aires with the trio.. but today looking for some stuff on ticketek`s website, i`ve found out that Kirks not coming! what happened? he was supposed to come a week ago! who`s going to do the singing?Alan Hertz(the new drummer)??

And you`re playing with Diego Mizrahi, fuck men, i hate that guy!!
I really wanted to see Kirk! it`s a shame...
Thanx for coming anyway!

No more Kirk, no more vocals. Period. Alan plays his ass off. Better enjoy Kirks playing on the records cause you'll probably never see him again on a tour. unless you want to come to LA and hire him to play keys at your wedding.

Thanks for the great show at the Baked Potatoe 18 Oct. Even my pregnant wife enjoyed it.
You are a motherfucker!
Digging the SD9 again huh. Tone was killer.

Thanks! Hope I didn't warp the baby's brain. My 2 year old says "daddy makes monster music".

Hi Scott
Is there any news on the Australian tour? I tried to email the company but even their email wasn't working ...

No, they don't respond to my emails either - I've given up after trying to reach them many times.

How did you meet Mike Landau? What was it like first hearing him play? I read somewhere he was a bit of an influence on you true is that? Your own tone seems to be getting huger with every subsequent album - can't wait for the next one : )

I met him at Baked Potato when I went to hear him play. Mike has helped me a lot in my search for a better tone. He's such a nice guy and willing to share what he knows, and he knows a lot!

Hi Scott,

I've a Fender Twin Reverb reissue and I like the maxon sd-9 very much with this amp.
Do you think the xotic BB preamp is better than the sd-9 for this amp or not?

I can't really say which is better, they're just different. The SD-9 works better when switching between the neck and bridge pickups, so that's why I use it since I switch pickups a lot. If you use only the treble pickup, the BB is a little fatter on the very high notes, but it's not as punchy and clear sounding on the neck pickup as the SD-9. Also the bass frequency on the SD-9 is EQ'd lower which makes it sound bigger on the bottom end than the BB, but the BB on the treble pickup is a little more transparent than the SD-9. Apples and Oranges, it's all good.

What do you think about Joe Barden pick-ups?

I've never heard them.

Hello Scott!

Where would you put a buffer in the following effects chain?

compressor->RC Booster->OD9->SD9->Chorus->Delay->AMP

Is this setup good or would you place these pedal differently?
Thanks a lot!!!

If you absolutely need a buffer, put it between the SD-9 and the chorus. Distortion pedals hate buffers, and I hate them too.

Hi Scott !

Why do you know every fuckin' pedal and pickup ? I guess you practiced and still practice a lot, so how the was it possible for you to check out that much gear ? I sometimes go crazy when I read this section of the message board. You are an amazing guitarist with such an amazing sound, and you seem to know nearly everything about theory. But why the hell do you also know every little pedal ?? Was it something like a hobby, or maybe you can tell how you got so deep into this still important section.. ?

Thanks for all the inspirations !
Greetings from Germany,
True Tone music in LA carries every pedal known to man, and me and my friend Adam Stark have gone there occasionally to hang for hours and check everything out. I guess you could call it a hobby - I love checking out gear!

When you say you remove the finish behind the neckplate, do you just sand it down, or do you actually sink the neckplate in the guitar? Also, if you haven't already, try and see if you can get a hold of a Hermida Zendrive. It's an extremely transparent overdrive which I think you'd like quite a bit.

Wires crossed here... I remove the finish on Fender blocks, not behind the neck plate. John Suhr puts a plastic piece under the neck plate to keep the paint from chipping, but I don't give a shit about paint chipping so I take it off - I like the tone better without it.

Heey Scott,
I have a few more questions: On the well to the bone cd there's a picture of some amps-Fender,Marshall,CAA- i was wondering which model the fender is? In the liner notes you thank Alaxander Dumble, what did he do for you? Build an amp? or modify one? How does it sound?


It's a Bandmaster. Dumble gutted it and put in his own stuff so it's more a Dumble now than a Fender. It still sounds like a Fender, but the notes are fatter and sweeter sounding than any stock Fender I've ever heard.

Hey Scott. Do you use your Roland GM 70 at all anymore?

Not for about 15 years.

What do you think of the tracking speed it offers? Have you tried the new Axon converter? Thanks, Kelly

It offered horrific tracking. I'm sure their current model or the Axon are much improved but I'm not interested in guitar synth anymore.

Hey Scott,
how do you stay in shape?

Walking the dogs.

howdy ho, scott!
still absolutely digging the live cd.
would love to see a performance dvd available... hint...

ok, a little bit off the wall question..

when i was just getting into guitar, me and my guitarist friends would experiment doing all kinds of things..
making our own picks out of 35mm film canister lids..
out of broken hi hats....
plugging 50 watt marshalls into little bitty speakers we'd pull out of radios and tape players, and watching them put out the one pure note ( LOL )....
stupid stuff like that.
any 'growing up', or even RECENT bouts of crazy music-related experiments or antics you'd like to share?

Lots of stuff but what I remember most is blowing up radio speakers with a Marshall. Sometimes they'd catch on fire. Also, CD's in the microwave might be an old one but it's still great.


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2006 3:21 pm    Post subject: BA Show Reply with quote

Hi Scott!
Thanks for the show in Buenos Aires last nigth!! It was fucking awesome!!
I really missed the Kirk's voice and his jokes, but as you said, Alan plays his ass off. The kid is doing the job!! He's a cat too!!
The trio's work was perfect!

The organization's work was fucking bad, beacause Kirk was anounced for the ticket's sales. The support act, was a pice of shit. Diego Mizrahi sucks. He allways said that he was your student a lot of years ago. Probably he don't understood anything. And the last point...I was so wondered how the organization puts Randall and Electro Vox cabs (they are made in Argentina) and they dont sound so good. We lost a lot of the sound. If only they where putting a marshall cabs and a Hartkee or Ampeg cabs for the bass, the sound could be better.
Thanks for let me say that, and sorry for my bad english.

See you next tour!!
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2006 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hey Scott

First off, how do you look at the fretboard? Currently I know all the modes and I am pretty confident about them all over the neck, but I am tired of seing positions. I just are overwhelmed by the fact that if I will start seing things in notes rather then positions, I need to know: all the notes on the guitar neck, what notes every scale consist off (for example in a F# mixolydian), and I need to know how each chord is build up (I know that, but I just know them out of positions), not by for example 1, b3, 5 and so on, but knowing what notes there is in for example a C#aug7. To me this is very overwhelming.

If I come to the point where I just play thinking of the notes, not positions at all, won´t it be very difficult to improvise up tempo?? I know this approach would free me up and make me understand more why people choose the notes as they do and I would more easily be able to understand for example pat martino´s solos and incorporate his ideas into my own playing.

Please, I would really appreciate if you could helped me out giving me tips on how to approach learning this massive ammount of the things I mentioned above. I just try to imagine how hard it must be to learn just one chord, like learning for example what notes Cmaj7, Gmaj7, D#maj7 consist doing this in so many keys and there is so many chords and scales to learn.
Ionian in all keys, Dorian in all keys, Phrygian in all is so insane.

Again, if you please have some advice on maybe how you tackled it and give me some help. This would be much appreciated.
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