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Scott answers your questions - round 35 - 5/14/07

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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2007 6:52 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 35 - 5/14/07 Reply with quote

Greetings from Atlanta GA Scott!

Long time listener, saw you play a few times in different settings, once with the "Nomad" version of Tribal Tech, with Jeff Berlin and I still remember seeing you up close doing this casuals gig in Westlake Village circa 1983, not long after your arrival on the Left Coast.
Had a few questions:

1) Guitar Synths, I know you used one on "Nomad" in a few spots (No, No, No and Elegy for Shoe I think). What were your feelings about such devices then and now? Things you liked, Things you detested about them? Useful or more trouble than they're worth?

Back then I was a pretty one dimensional guitar player, playing mostly single lines and with basically one tone, so I thought synth was cool cause it added another dimension to my sound. Nowadays I've found so many ways to change the tone of my guitar that for me synth is unnecessary.

2) "Nomad" related question, who or what was "Shoe"?, A dog?

Dave Goldbatt's cat.

And just a comment RE: "Nomad", I loved it because it seemed to mark a major change in direction for you, as in leaving more open-ended sections in the music and less fussing with the arrangements. I LOVED the subsequent albums because of the more open-ended approach!
Also, when I used to live in LA (1980's), I played in a band with a drummer who was once in a very early version of Tribal Tech. His name was Rich, very accomplished and versatile musician, had nothing but fond rememberances of playing with you and Gary.

We jammed with Rich before the first version of Tribal Tech - great drummer.

A while after I moved to Atlanta (about 3 years ago), I made friends with a bassist named Dave who played with you on the Top-40 circuit sometime back in the 70's, had lots of fun stories to tell.

Please tell Dave hi and to get in touch with me - I'd love to talk to him. We had a lot of fun playing Gentle Giant tunes together and getting fired from top 40 bands.

Hoping you get the chance to swing through Atlanta sometime, it'd be great to hear in person what you're up to nowadays.

Hey Scott:
So, Sgt. Slaughter isn't in the band anymore...... For you youngins', do a google search and then look at some old band photos. Did he go back to wrestling???
Take care man....


Hey Scott:

Just got the word that Mike Landau has a live concert DVD in the works:

Any chance of persuading you to do the same thing?

I know it would mean a lot to all those fans who never get to see the trio live.

In any event, keep kicking ass and taking names.
- Mike

It's about finding the right place to do it - we're thinking about it.

Hey Scott

I want you to hear a song I used to apply for a music school (I dont thing I got in). You can ignore the starting theme, but I would love if you could comment on my improvisation and maybe give me some tips on what to improve..obviously, there is maaany things that needs improvment, but it would be great if you could point out a few spesific things...maybe what was good and what was bad. I know you are a busy man, but I have never got any feedback from one of my "idols" before..and I know you are an honest man, so it would make me very glad to here from you regarding my impro.. Thanks!

Here is the link to the song:

I'm not sure it's a good idea for me to open the pandora's box of allowing people to ask me to analyze their playing. I get paid to do that at GIT so I can't do that for free - sorry.

Hi Scott,

I just purchase a Boss SE-70, what you recommend for the channel mixer? I do not have a send return on my amp. how would you wire the SE-70?

A mixer won't do you any good if you don't have a send & return on the amp. Not a good idea to use the SE-70 before the amp either. The only way to do it right without an FX loop is to float the FX. Do a search in my answers for the word "float" - I've talked about it before.

In your studio what delay and reverb you use?

I have a digital mixer that I just use for monitoring - it has delay & reverb built in.

What delay or reverb you recomend?

When I'm mixing, the professional studio has the really nice delays and reverbs - usually Lexicons.

In your opinion what is a must for a pedal board?

For me, just a distortion pedal and some kind of chorus.

The best 30-50 watts combo tube amp?

Old Fender Deluxe or Super Reverb.

I hope to see you in Boston some day.

Thank You

I recently saw a vid of you in south america doing a clinic and jamming along with dolemite.
was that the qy100, and if so, how did you program it in....using your keyboard and comp...or?

That was my laptop playing sequences I made with Digital Performer.

Hey Scott-
here's a statement I'd like you to comment on, if you'd like.
"Tone is nothing more than a guitarists' awareness of his own sound. Gear is nothing more than a bunch of tools to manipulate the sound that's within the player."

Sounds about right to me.

Hey Scott,
What's that quote at the beginning of "Root Food"?

Well then you eat your root food don't you? (with heavy southern accent)

You played any fuchs and/or two-rocks?

Thoughts, comments, snide remarks?

No, but here's a snider one. Steve Snider brought some Fuchs and Two Rock amps over for me to check out - I don't remember which ones. I don't remember being too impressed. That doesn't mean they're not good amps, but we were comparing them to old Marshalls and Fenders and my OD-100. We liked those amps much better.

You Plug your guitar through 6 pedals before going to the amp... And you don`t get any signal lost/tone change? how is that?

My pedals are all true bypass. There's a little bit of tone loss but nothing major like there would be if they weren't true bypass. Sometimes only one non-true bypass pedal can seriously ruin your tone.

What about new records?
And you should think of making a cool instrumental live DVD! with some special guests! come on!! it`s not that hard... every pop princess and crazy fusion players have his concerts on dvd now.
I'm still writing for a new CD but it's taking a long time...

What's this I hear about the Xact pedal? Someone said you might have changed overdrives, yet I can't even find a website for that company.

As far as I know he doesn't have a website but you can get his pedals at LA Sound Design, and they do have a website.

Hey Scott!
Eugene from Moscow here.
just came to say thank you a million of times.
The gig was fantastic as expected. Sat just in front of you - what a bliss!
Thanks for all the autographs for me and my friend Mike. Oh yeah,
thanks for taking a photo with us too!
Sorry for bugging you with silly questions in between the songs and taking pictures constantly.
We think you're the most talented and expressive improvisor and composer of all the living jazzers or bluesmen. Admire you both as a person and of course as a musician! Maybe that's subjective but we reckon you the best! period. Mike Landau is very very good though.
Yet again, thank for this Q/A board! I've read through all the rounds and got answers for just about every question I had except for one or two:
I asked you just be4 the gig why your SD-9 vanished and you said you got a better pedal but couldn't remeber its name. Got an RC, was gonna buy a SD-9 but I wanna have the same stuff as yours (some pedals at least)!. so what's that pedal and where I can get it? What's the difference from SD-9?

It's called a Precision Overdrive made by Xact Tone Solutions. It's got a different midrange frequency which to me works better with single coil pickups than the SD-9, and it's top end is sweeter too. The SD-9 has a little more bass and I still like it better for humbuckings. I use single coils most of the time though, so I'm digging the Precision Overdrive on my gigs.

2. I transcribed hole diggin and nearly done with dolemite and I have to say that it's quite painful to bend major 3rds up and hold it! Do you ever help yourself with the whammy bar when bending higher than maj seconds or min 3rds? Thanks in advance!!! Hope to see you again soon and looking forward to your new CD release. Good luck with touring and composing! Take care.

If it gets really painful I use the bar for help sometimes.

P.S. I made a backing track of hole giggin' and going to do more of your blues band tunes. Check it out, please. It's here:
Do you think Hal Leonard or whatever publisher that finally decides to relese a book of your blues tunes + minus ones CD might be interested in my work? I can send you the full track if you like.
The new blues book is almost finished. Thanks, but it won't be a play along type book.

Hey Scott, seen Grindhouse yet? If so, what is your opinion? Would you like to see Rudy Ray Moore featured in a Tarantino flick?

I haven't seen it. Rudy is great in any flick!

And why is Jimmy Earl always late to the gig? Just curious. Thanks.

He's on the Jimmy Kimmel show and doesn't get out until 9.


I'm at work now and I just put on dog party. Though I'd heard tore down house and much of your tribal tech work, and the live one, I'd never heard that. I put it on. It was so fucking good, I couldn't even concentrate. To say you are killing on that album is like saying Zawinul is a pretty decent keyboardist.

I live in minneapolis, but sometime this summer I was thinking of upgrading amps to a suhr, but unfortunately I can't play any of them here with the exception of a badger. I was considering taking a trip to LA to try some of them out. Are you going to be around at GIT this summer/around the LA area playing with Kinsey etc.?

I think I'll be on the road in July but here in August.

You mentioned anyone could come in and sit in during one of your forums (I can't remember what you call them)? Are you available for any individual instruction?

No individual lessons, but you can come as a guest to open counseling on Monday or Tuesday at GIT.

Also, your 4x12 greenback cab. New greenbacks? Some guy I was talking to said that the Marshall 1960A (25w 8om greens) is mass produced in asia and sounds bad. I couldn't comment.

Some of my Greenbacks are brand new and probably made in Asia and I think they sound great. I tried some of the new expensive "handmade" Greenbacks that are supposed to be re-creations of the old ones, and I didn't like those at all. Then I read that Eric Johnson loves those... so it's about individual taste.

If nothing else, I'd be happy to buy you some Gyu-kaku and a beer (or 5) .

mmmmmmmm.... delicious Gyu-kaku...

Hi Scott...
Saludos desde Chile¡¡¡¡
What do you think about contemporary jazz music?, I'm thinkin' in Brad Mehldau kind of stuff... odd meters and that brain cirgury...
Do you play standards or music in odd meters?...
Thanks again...
Ignacio, Santiago -Chile

I don't like odd meter stuff that much, at least not to improvise on. I'd rather hear it in prog rock, it seems to me that it fits better with that type of music. I've heard a few famous jazz keyboard trios live that played mostly odd meter tunes and I drank a lot more at those shows, or left early.

Hi Scott

There are some cuts from Tribal Tech concert in your "Melodic Phrasing" instructional. I've transcribed some of them but can not recognize them as certain Tribal Tech tunes. I've accidentally found one similar solo on Greg Bissonette's record in tune "Teenage Immigrant". But the backing is another and there is no such crazy stuff like in concert. Can you tell what this tunes are. Especially the last one.

Sorry I don't have the video so I don't know what those tunes are.

And could you comment transcriptions of this fragments if i'll send them to you somehow or share them on some webhosting server because there are so much cool stuff that i can not understand at all. I mean the background theory of your note choises there. I think it's the great examples of how great phrasing can make wrong notes work.

Moscow concerts were great as always

Thanks, but I don't have time to analyze your transcriptions. Maybe someone else on the board can help you.

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