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Scott answers your questions - round 11 - 1/28/05

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2005 4:42 pm    Post subject: Scott answers your questions - round 11 - 1/28/05 Reply with quote

Hey Scott....thanks again for all the music and for answering our questions.

I was wondering if you had any idea what your next studio CD will be like? Will it be blues based again like Well to the Bone and the previous two or will be it more along the lines of instrumetal fusion? You've done a killer job in both styles and I was just wondering if you were planning on sticking to that or if anything new had sparked your interest.

The only time I've pre-planned the style was for Dog Party, which I knew would be a pretty traditional blues record. For the next one I'll just start writing and see what happens. It doesn't bother me if different styles of music are on the same record. It probably makes it harder to market but that's the record company's problem not mine.

Hi Scott:

Have you ever jammed with Carl Verheyen? What do you think of his playing?

I just jammed with him yesterday at GIT - we played All Blues and Equinox. He's a great player and has a lot of cool Chet Atkins style bends and harmonics in his playing, not to mention scary chops. Sometimes we're at school on the same day so I'm sure we'll play together some more.

Hello Scott,

I haven't asked before so I'll allow myself to also forward my gratitude for all the wonderful music you have given us.

How would you feel doing a cover album? (I just listened to "Lady Madonna" while browsing these forums and the thought struck me, wonder how Scott Henderson would have treated this one!) I'd love to hear you taking on Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Zappa, or something else from my favourites catalogue!

This is not implying that your writing is not as strong as before, I even think the latest "Well To The Bone"-album absolutely is one of your stronger efforts, which is not so common.

One last short question: John, or Paul?


Ringo. Me and Kirk had a Zep cover band going for awhile which was really fun and the bass player's wife could do a great Robert Plant. But I wouldn't do covers on a record - there's no money in it (mechanical royalties would go to the original artists and they have enough money already), and I only get to do one record a year so I'd rather write my own tunes and be paid for it.

hi scott
my name is chris, i have a teacher his name is : ermy osman
he was your student in git in 1991
he gave me your pictures teaching class from that year, u using peavey bandit 112 and a little effect (u use in fx loop) do you remember what effect u use (my teacher said it is ibanez multi effects that have been discontinued) i dig that tone

what effect and ampli you use these days in class ?do use PoD?

It's an Ibanez Modulation Delay pedal - it only does delay and doesn't have much to do with the tone. Those little Bandit 112's sounded OK but the amp I play through now at GIT is much better - it's a Fender Princeton with one 10" speaker and it has delay & other FX built in. It's got a pretty decent distortion sound, not bad for a little non-tube practice amp.

nb: he also show the record from your class when u soloing chelsea bridge, all the things,dolphin dance,ana maria ,and virgo
damn! what a solo these are the beeeeeesssst solo i ever hear in jazz
and even beat up all of your solo in your legal record ,i thing i hear your best solo playing is your bootleg record , i am in xtc regularly everytime i listen from that tape

you are my true hero


hi! I live in Poland. my problem is that I study at Music School (now is the 9th year of my music education) in classic guitar class. Unfortunately they teach there Classic Music Only . I have theory , eartraining (which i think is the most useful ) piano , and all that stuff , but generally in classic music way only. it takes most of my time after highschool (4 days a week), so i wonder about leave it and just practice more jazz/fusion stuff on electric guitar only. (i want to be proffesional musician ) and there are no any Jazz school near me. what do you think ?

Yes the best thing to do is give up all your studies in classical music and move to the fast paced, high income world of jazz fusion. Fusion players make even more money than yodelers! If you hate seeing girls in the audience, don't worry you'll never have to look at another one again if you become a pro fusion guy, and there's no better way to work out than moving your own heavy equipment! Sometimes you even get to do it in front of the audience - I especially enjoy being watched while I'm winding cables.

Just kidding (sort of). I love my work and wouldn't do anything else... but dude! Wouldn't you rather get paid big bucks to be the guest soloist for those big orchestras, then put your guitar in the case and walk off with some babe wearing a formal?

second question : is there possibility to take some lessons from you ( maybe summer courses or something like that ?)
sorry for so long letter (but if you will answer , the next will be longer )

Dr MaTeO HeeMself

You can contact GIT and see if they have a summer course.

How much cost that Scott would involve in doing a gig?

Or how much he earns in doing gigs?
How much does it cost to book you for a performance in South East Asia?

Who to contact?

I am asking so that I can recommend someone to book you for a performance in South East Asia.

That's a question for my agent. His e-mail is

Hi Scott
my name is elod and I am from Kosovo

got to tell you this

everytime that me and my friend whant to play we allways listen first to your song "Dolomite", and you can't believe what kind of big big inspiration is for playing, so then all the night long we play like crazy people for 3-4 hours non stop.

your solo there kicks them all.

thnx for your wonderfull playing and inspiration



I'm 24 and play my guitar for about 13 years..about few years ago I realized that music is more than just guitar playing.. so now I focus on compositioning I' d like to ask you ,Scott, about the process of composing....

1)How do you come up with an idea?

Usually by just playing and taping it.

2)Where did you get inspiration?

Mostly from listening to good music.

3)Is it possible to compose knowingly(like....O.K. I'm goin' to that whithin 6 month)?

Not for me.

4)I've read an interview with joe zawinu...he says that he records all his playing on tape then listen to it and take some good pieces and develop some ideas. It seems O.K. for me.....just perfect way...sometimes I got really interesting ideas and pieces......they seem to be in one mood but i can't logicaly connect them. I"ll be very happy if you can give me an andvise about that situation.

That's the best way. Connecting the ideas is always the hard part - don't force all your ideas into one song. If something doesn't fit, save it for another tune.

5)How to be impartial listening to your own recordings?

I don't know since I never listen to my own recordings. During the process of recording I'm positive about the record and usually somewhat proud of it, but after it's been out for awhile I improve my tone in some way or learn some new stuff on the guitar - then suddenly when I think about the record it becomes inferior to me and I never listen to it again. That's how it's been with every record I've done.

P.S. It's very kind of you to answer all the questions consistently. you're not just a good guitar player, you are an open-hearted, good and kind person.....You're the MAN...Moscow loves you.[/quot


Hi Scott!

I'd like to know if there is any specific reason you use a mixer for the dry/wet signal in your FX loop rather than a parallel loop? Is it because the OD-100 only features a serial loop or do you need to control the volume in the loop? What is the dry:wet ratio roughly set like?

Thank you for your terrific music and giving us so much insight. You showed me what music is about.


The OD-100 only has a serial loop so I need a mixer, plus I do need the volume pedal too. John was thinking about doing the amp with two loops, a serial one just for the volume pedal and a parallel one for one effect. But if you have more than one effect you'd need a mixer anyway. All my FX patches are set to 100% wet since the dry sound is passing through the mixer.

Thanks for your attention on answering our questions.
Well, I have some questions and I would appreciate if you can answer them for me.
1) I've been transcribing some songs, but I've been having some trouble with the chords. Can you give me some advice about transcribing them?

Answered in #6

2) Also, I would like to know the harmony part on the solos (guitar & bass) of the song The Big Wave. BTW, this song kicks asses!

I forgot them, but you could ask Willis on

3) And last, I really like your sound (with not to much gain on it and lots of dinamics), and I read on your site that you use a POD to practice at home. I have a POD too, so, how do you set it up (amp model, drive, presence, bass, treble, stomp boxes, etc etc...)? And do you have any advice on which amplifier to use with a POD, or something like that?
Thanks again.
Thales (writing from Brasil).

I've had the same settings on my POD for a long time and I've forgotten which models I'm using - sorry! I've never tried to use the POD through an amp.


hi scott i have seen your video melodic phrasing , i want to ask you some question

1. what is the toggle switch (not pickup switch)in your blue ibanez? is it some kind of booster?

It was a booster made by Alembic - I don't use it anymore.

2. I know you like put identical pickup in your guitar, so are you using two Seymour

Duncan 59 neck(sh 1n) or two Seymour Duncan 59 bridge (sh1b) for neck and bridge (H S

H)guitar or you using Seymour Duncan 59 neck(sh 1n) for neck and Seymour Duncan 59

bridge (sh1b) for bridge

The identical pickup thing is only for single coil strats. In my humbucker guitar I use a '59 double screw in the bridge and a jazz on the neck.

3. i know your suhr (H S H) guitar using V 60 pick up in middle but what middle pickup are you using in your blue ibanez

It was just a Fender single coil pickup - I don't remember which one.

4. do you prefer one piece wood for guitar body?

I've never really thought about it - I couldn't tell you which guitars are one piece and which ones aren't.

5.i wonder is there any amazing musician you know personally that have perfect pitch (joe Zawinul, chick corea, or wayne shorter)

Joe Zawinul has perfect pitch. We used to play duets and I'd improvise harmony for him to play over. As soon as he heard any chord he could immediately play amazing melodies over it - he's the heaviest musician on the planet.

Hey Scott,

-Now that you have been playing Suhr's for a few years, i was wondering how you feel about the Buzz feiten tuning system. Do you notice a drastic difference if you play a guitar that doesn't have it at this point?
Also, do you think it has a different impact depending on whether you are playing with a clean tone vs. with a dirty sound?
If you were to buy a guitar that didn't have it installed, do you feel strongly enough about it that you would have it installed on the guitar?

I think it's a great system, but since I use the bar a lot I have to tune between songs and I try to do it fast as possible, so I'm not trying to get it perfect . In the studio though, I really notice how I can get it perfectly in tune so that every chord voicing is really in - you can't get that without the tuning system.

-Any idea yet whether there may be a US tour this year?

That's undecided at this point - it's still possible.

-Did you ever consider using any two-handed tapping in your playing?

I'm clueless about how to do that - I'd rather just listen to TJ do it.

-Did you ever consider the idea of doing a "fusion" version of the G3 tour? Maybe yourself, plus Frank Gambale and Allan Holdsworth or Mike Stern? I don't know if something like this would be more or less economically feasible, but i figure with 3 names on the bill, there may be a better chance of actually turning a profit for the tour.

It's a nice idea but it would have to be put together by a promoter - I'm just a guitar player not a businessman. If someone called me about doing something like that I'd be interested.

hi scott,

i currently have an rc booster, ac booster, and the ts9 silver mod, analogman clone chorus, and t-rex replica delay, and an ebs dynaverb. i would like to move these to a rack, i also have a switching system to operate this but i can't seem to locate a rack case with a drawer. can you recommend any sites or companies that i can look into i noticed that you have one of these cases.

your help is greatly appreciated

btw you are an unbelievable musician, love the playing as well as the tones.

keep up the good work



Custom Audio put my little rack together. Their number is 818 763-8898

Hey Scott:

I was looking back through some old guitar magazines from like 89" I think! You had written several articles on playing and technique and what not. Those lessons RULE!!! I am wondering if you have any way of putting those lessons together in a book form. I think there are MANY of us that would certainly pay for a book like that. There are even some of us that could help put something like that together for you........

While on the subject of lessons, are you at all inclined to offer lessons via mail?? Gary Willis has or had offered on line lessons and it would be cool to have you do the same.......I realize that your time is already taken up with a wife, kids, recording, etc... just throwing the idea out there.

Sorry, I just don't have time for projects like that - two days a week at GIT is all the teaching I can handle. I've already murdered three of my students and now the school is starting to hassle me about where the bodies are buried.

Greetings Scott,
I was wondering if there's any possibility of you posting downloadable backing tracks for any of your tunes? Frank Gambale does this (with a small fee for each download), and I find them hugely helpful when learning tunes. I have no idea what the legal aspects are: it may be that Gambale is only doing it for older albums where he now owns the full rights. But it is SO much more rewarding to work on tunes when you have a decent backing track (I'm flying bandless for the time being). Otherwise we're left to hack something together or dredge up whatever is floating around the internet (think "Cliffs of Dover" with a bassline that sounds a bit like "Tubular Bells"...).

I bet that among us here on the forum, we could come up with the top 3-5 tunes we'd most like to have. Just a thought!

I don't have a problem with that, but I'd have to ask the rhythm section if it's cool with them. The only two albums that I still have separated tracks for are Well To The Bone and Rocket Science, because they were recorded direct to computer. For everything else, the 24 track tapes are gone. We knew we'd never remix anything so it never made sense to keep those huge reels around - we usually donated them so that someone else could record on them.

HI Scott,

Glad to hear you like the Kinmans....I've got the same set in my Strat and they sound great. Dissapointed to see it doesn't look like you're coming to Australia early 2005. Any word on this?

I haven't heard back from the promoters there - I'll e-mail them again to see what's happening.


What do you suggest studying for improving the technical skills on the guitar? Not that the musical part is easy, but sometimes it takes great technique to play a solo or a song. How did you get that skill? You have a "country vein" going on. Do you think it's a good school? I don't like shredders, as much technical they are, some coutry guys have a lot more punch.

Who are you favorite guitar players today, not specifically jazz players, but overall, like country guys, heavy metal, whatever you like!

I've never practiced technique - what chops I have I got from just playing a lot. For some of my gigs I've had to learn things that were fast or hard to play, so practicing them helped my technique for sure - I was taught at an early age not to waste time doing exercises, but to practice things I'll actually use on stage.

I've talked about my favorite players in previous answers.

Hi there,

I wonder what kind of weird effects you're using on the "Rocket Science" song from the Rocket Science album. I really dig both the Theme and Solo tones.
Thanks again for your music and the inspiration you're giving to us.



It's a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator. I love that pedal!

Hi Scott!
It will sound repetitive to you, but I have to say it:you are really a clever and very creative musician and I love to listen your phrases...they make me "fly",it's an unbelievable feeling.

My problem is:I want to buy a definitive (I hope) guitar (I changed a good number of guitar) which has 2 humb and a single coil+bridge floyd Rose style.

I love your sound a lot and would like to get some kind of that,especially the one you use in the melodic phrasing video.I read all the messages about your blue Ibanez....and know I understand why I didn't find that guitar around.As I don't want to spend a lot of money (otherwise I would buy directly the Suhr without boring you....) I am even prepared to "assemble" my guitar, I mean buy a good guitar for what concerns wood,neck,weight and then changing the pick-ups with some good ones (like seym.Dun. '59 or other).If necessary I will change even the bridge.

So my question is:

What do you advise me to buy?

You can probably find a Fender strat that's not too expensive. I got the re-issue strat that I played on Dog Party for 800 bucks (used) and there are lots of those around. Some of the new models are probably cool too, but I don't know enough about them to advise you on which one to get. Try to find one with an alder body and a vintage bridge - the two post bridge that Fender makes has a cheap zinc block that doesn't sound as good as a steel block. It's easy to replace the pickups so that's no problem, and big frets (6100 or 6105) make string bending easier so try to find one with those.

Big fan, love your music. Thanks for the opportunity to ask you questions.

1) What are the specs on the Suhr tele that you use -- body and neck wood, pickups, bridge type ? Are there any tunes this guitar can be heard on?

It's alder with a rosewood neck and the pickups and hardware are what John normally puts in a tele. I haven't used it on a record yet.

2) When you pick with the fat side of the pick, do you hold the pick's regular tip pointed away from your thumb or in towards your palm?

In towards the palm. Most of the time the big part of the pick is slanted down so that it contacts the string on the big edge of the pick, not the side only. You'll hear that more bass comes out as you change from the side of the pick to the edge.

3) Do you have any preferences in small amps for practice or warmups?

Well, I mentioned earlier about the little Princeton amp that I use at GIT but I just checked Fender's website and couldn't find it. Maybe they don't make it anymore. At home I just use the POD.

Thanks again for taking the time, and for the great music.


hi scott!!i m takis from a very nice island of greece,corfu.maybe you know it because this year my best friend studies to MI and he is coming to all your lessons...he s name is kostas .i saw your live with the trio in thessaloniki before some is great for the audience general of greece to listen guys like are the best first of all i want to thank you for all the hours that your amazing music is keeeping me company.your vocabulary is never ends ...second,in one post you said that always you are using the distortion or overdrive of the pedals WITH the distortion of the amp and not with the clean chanell of your have any specific reason that you are doing that or ...because you like it;

I'm using the clean channel of my amp, but it's really a crunch channel because it's gain is set pretty high and the boost is on. Distortion pedals through a totally clean amp sound thin.

what exactly type of bridge and keys you have on your...bluesy guitar

Gohto 1088 bridge and Sperzel locking tuners

last one and more important....arrange with kostas to come at corfu in the is wonderful this period and it has very nice women.say to your wife that you will go for a live and leave everything else to me and kostas.and for present i ll give you all the issues of the previous year of penthhouse because i know you like them....keep have it in your blood

Thanks for the invitation but my wife would kick my ass. I need to live long enough to do at least one more album.

Hey Scott,

One more thing I'd like to know:
Do you happen to like any Smooth Jazz that goes into Funk/Soul direction? I know there is a lot of shitty stuff out there. But I am talking about some of the newer stuff like Paul Jackson Jr., Jeff Golub... (besides your all-time-favourite - KennyG ) Any artists to check out? It's hard to find greats in that genre, although the music could be awesome.

Thanks again,


I'm sure there's some good stuff out there but I don't listen to the radio much so I'm not too aware of what's going on. Every time I've tuned into the WAVE, it sounds like the dentist's office or an elevator on it's way to hell. I've heard a few Sanborn cuts that were cool, but for the most part smooth jazz inspires me to listen to Pantera.

Have you ever played a fretless guitar?

No, with all the bar shit I do it already sounds like one.

Are you interested in composing for larger groups than trios or quintets (something like Pat Metheny Group)?

Yes I love to stay up all night writing charts.

What's your favorurite Metheny album by the way?

I like the trio standards album with Roy Hanes.

Which member of VTT contributed with the odd rhytms on the Giant Steps head and the intro chords of Chakmool-Ti (even more odd near the end of the song)? Did it take a while to get those tight with the band? Or perhaps it's natural to you to land on these beats that would confuse the hell out of the avarage listener.

Those tunes were pretty much a group effort except for the harmony which I'll have to take the blame for. It took about 2 hours to write that tune and about an hour of rehearsal before we recorded it.

I would kill to see Chakmool-Ti played live in its entirely. There's some hilarious playing on that song that cracks me up, and the breakdown section is very beautiful. Ever considered playing VTT tunes live? They probably wouldn't work without Wooten and Smith?

Those guys definitely have a strong personality, but we do Nairobe Express our own way with my trio and it sounds pretty cool - it's the longest tune on the new live record because there's a 90 minute drum solo in it which took up all of disc one, and half of disc two. So we had to cut the rest of the tunes to two minutes each.

just kidding

You should do a live cover of some Meshuggah tune, like Stengah for instance. Kirk on vocals of course.

Here's a partial list of tunes I've been asked to cover: (not kidding)


Sweet Home Alabama

Jailhouse Rock

Why Oh Why Delilah

Black Dog

Laughter In The Rain

Theme from Benny Hill

too many standards to mention

Free Bird

Free Bird

Free Bird

Stairway to Heaven (of course)

Iron Man

I was wondering what you thought of all the "talent" at this years NAMM show??

Many good halter tops but too many fake boobs overall. Also disappointed that there were no GWAR sightings - maybe they broke up.

Is it true that you may be putting together a youth big band?

Yeah I'm going to strive for that Courtyard C sound.

Did you ever find that cell phone??

Found it.

Glad you enjoyed the burgers I threw at you.....


Scott Lerner

Thanks Scott - see ya soon!

Hey there Scott...

I've always wanted to ask if I can chime in with one more question (I don't think this has been asked before goes):

What are you favorite CDs by the following artists:

S.R.V. -

Johnny Winter -

Albert Collins -

John Coltrane -

Jeff Beck -

Weather Report/Wayne Shorter -

Robben Ford -

Can't really answer that because my favorite things change daily.

Hey Scott, what was the worst gig you have ever played? the worst possible gig experience you ever had?



The worst gig and gig experience was in a small town in Germany when a bad jack in my gear caused the sound to cut out every 10 minutes or so. We had to stop in the middle of about 6 songs in the show and people were asking for their money back. I got pissed off and kicked over my rig and the OD-100 sailed about 10 feet to the floor. At least the audience enjoyed watching that. Here's a pic of the rescue operation. (the amp still worked).

FYI - Scott's new Live CD kills - just got an advance copy! If you do order it please order from one of our links or banners. It's doesn't cost you any more but it helps support this site and the whole Online Discussion Network!

From Amazon click on this link:

From AbstractLogix click here and do a search on Scott Henderson:

Please pass these links to all you friends! This is a CD that anyone remotely into guitar will need to own!

Kirk out..........

P.S. Please post this Q&A link on any other forums you may hang on! Help us turn people on to Scott and his music! Spread the WORD!

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