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Joined: 01 Jul 2008
Posts: 211
Location: Arkansas

PostPosted: Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:54 pm    Post subject: New to the Forum Reply with quote

So, I "Discovered" Mr. Kimock through The Gear Page Forums.

And I am very intrigued by his posts. I want to learn about the "Music Theory" I have read him write about. It seems very interesting, to me.

So, I have read some of the posts here, and will be reading more. But, I need some help. So, you will be seeing me post with a lot of questions.

I feel pretty competent in traditional Diatonic Harmony. This is something I have learned, after playing guitar for awhile. At first, I always played Blues Scales over everything. It's the only one I knew.And my Ear was really ineffective. Now, I can use my Relative Pitch to "Pick Out" most anything. On a good "In The Zone" moment, I can go right to a note I hera/feel/or visualize, without thinking about it.

So, I feel that learning the Diatonic stuff has helped me to "Train" my ears, and to understand a lot more types of Music(s). However, something has been lacking.

When I knew the 1 Scale and had no Ear, I would just find a fretboard position that seemed to work for a tune, and I could make it work. My more experienced friends, who had better Ears, would often ask about my "Unique" note choices! LOL

The one thing I did have going for me (I think), was my Phrasing. I could twist my chosen "Scale" with bends, slides, etc., until it fit the tune. So, I feel my inexperience "helped" me to play things a more experienced player wouldn't think of.

Finally, I got to the point of wanting to learn more. That's when I finally found a great Instructor, and learned about Diatonic stuff. But, there are holes in everything. As it would seem, people on this Forum already know.

I can reconcile my Diatonic "knowledge" with my Blues knowledge. But, it is a twisted path. But, I want to understand better the 5 Limit, 7 Limit types of subjects. And I'm here to really dig in.

I'm a slow learner, and I have to really do the "Trial and Error" thing, to really "get it" with just about any subject. When I finally do get it though, I usually become pretty solid in the chosen subject. So, here's what I think I understand, so far:

Based on the Overtone Series, you will find a "Dominant 9th. Arpeggio" (for lack of a better term, at this point). This would validate the thoughts I have had on the use of so many "Borrowed Dominants", etc. types of Theories people use to explain something I have always found to be more "Natural". The things I've "learned" so far, have these patchwork styles of explanation. But what I had always heard was more cohesive. And this physical manifestation of the "Dom 9" in the Overtone Series, seems to point to more factual basis for "Folk" Musics. Which is what we heard around the house, when I was growing up.

And the 3rds. and 5ths. are what everything is based on? A "Spiraling Out" of 5ths. and 3rds.?

I have printed off a piece of a Thread from this Forum. And I am going to try to really take the Technique/Exercise to heart. Just to "get my feet wet", so to speak. It's the one SK mentioned in (I think this was the name of it) "A New Way To Understand Scales". The Example used an E7#9 "Hendrix Chord".

Anyway, I do plan on reading every post on this whole Forum. But, it will take me awhile. I need to soak things up for awhile, then re-read them, if I plan on really "getting it". But, if anybody here has a suggested "Plan Of Action", please chime in!

Okay, so, "Hello, glad to meet You!". And I'm looking forward to "Digging In"!


Sorry for all of the Quotation Marks and Parenthesis', etc. But, I often over-use them in an attempt to cleaer in my posts.
"Real Tomato Ketchup, Roy?"
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Joined: 29 Jun 2004
Posts: 714
Location: Durham, NC

PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 5:45 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Welcome. You'll find that the traffic here tends to go up and down, usually with bursts occurring when Steve is off the road and home where he can post. He's on a pretty busy tour right now with MHB so I imagine we won't hear much from him till next month. One interesting tidbit he mentioned to me a few days before he left is that he acquired a blackface showman and was checking it out at MHB rehearsals. Not sure if he ended up taking it with him.
Mike Babyak
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Joined: 01 Jul 2008
Posts: 211
Location: Arkansas

PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Man, a Showman is a serious amp! I love those things. It'll be interesting to hear what he thinks of it, after he's had a chance to get acquainted with it.

It's probably good for me there's a slow period on the forum. It'llgive me a chance to try and get some playing/listening in.
"Real Tomato Ketchup, Roy?"
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Joined: 22 Aug 2016
Posts: 5

PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:15 pm    Post subject: New Reply with quote

But after I registered noticed it has been a LONG time since anyone posted.

Hope it is not a ghost town.
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Joined: 26 Jun 2018
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 7:54 am    Post subject: Re: Reply with quote

I am glad I discovered this forum! It is an excellent place to learn something new!
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